Signed 2019 Ford Explorer XLT 4wd, Unicorn?

On Friday I signed a Demo 2019 Ford Explorer XLT 4wd with 202a, class III Towing and XLT sport appearance Package for $290.83 a month including tax (6%) with $697.27 DAS including First month. This was a demo that the sales manager drove around with 5k miles on it. 10,500 miles a year and a 24 month lease. MSRP is $46,060.00. I think I did OK. It is a Metallic Blue with the Ebony Black leather, sueded seats.

I think this was a decent deal especially given that the Fords don’t lease great typically. The selling price was 38k or so, I will find exact numbers and update. I qualified for 6k in rebates. I also qualified for an a-plan discount which was not used in this case as the discount they offered me was lower than a-plan would have been. This deal was done in Michigan.

The residual was 60% and I asked for MF but I was told that Ford deals in interest and not MF and it was 1%. Not sure how to plug into numbers into the calculator. If you know how, let me know.


Thats a GREAT deal… If i could get that deal here i would get one for my mom in a heartbeat

MF = Interest Rate / 24.

.01 / 24 = .00042 (rounded) MF

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That’s interesting. I though they were more like $400 per month and no special discount for demo.
What kind of rebate?

Yeah they usually are. That is the range I had been getting until that point. That is why I jumped on this one. Most demo ones where not able to be discounted more that a couple thousand, however, on this one they were able to. At the time they had two like this one. The other one sold right away also.

Anyone know how to get these to plug into a calculator? I can’t seem to get anything to match up…

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Also, would anyone know if this would qualify as a unicorn deal?

Great deal there is a $1k from BJ’s wholesale for Ford if anyone else wants to add more look it up

Awesome deal!

Do anyone know on how to check for Ford demo inventory?
Searching for BMW demo is easy.

I’d say it’s a unicorn, i.e. it is completely non-replicable but 1000 new members will harass you asking for dealer info without reading the details.


Who cares if it’s a “unicorn” or not? If you get some self validation from it, then sure, it’s a unicorn.

Looks like a great deal to me.

Good point. They dealer did not have nay additional demos. Sorry all.

This is a good thing to add when you post your deals. The fact they only had one such car to make a deal on like this is especially remarkable as supply and demand is a huge factor on dealer discount attainable.

Example: If they had 8-10 such demos to get rid of then 17-18% off sticker with 5K miles isn’t out of the question and i’d be targeting 25% to try to land in the middle.

Am I wrong? why does it say 6000 DAS?

Great deal… not many Explorer demos out there so hard to compare or replicate.

That $6K is factory rebates. Typically shown as DAS.

Exactly what Britten440 said, that 6k was the factory rebates.

Excellent deal. I’m new here, so I’m wondering how did you find this demo? Is there a website you used? Thanks!!

I have found several “leftover” brand new Ford Explorer 2018’s on lots around me. My question is, is the residual value less because these SUVs are already two model years old? OR will the dealers just mark down the sales price and residual value doesn’t change?

Yes, residual drops as they get older. But, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to lease an 18 at this point anyway.

I haven’t asked about trying to lease one yet. Thank you.