Signed: 2019 Colorado ZR2

After shopping for a week. I was able to obtain a ZR2 for what I think is a great price. I am sure with additional incentives coming next month and towards the end of the year. I could have found a better deal. But I am super happy with mine

2019 Chevy Colorado ZR2
Shadow Gray Metallic With Bose Package, and Navigation package
MSRP: $45,525
Selling Price: $43,125
$ 430/Mo Tax inc

Total Down $2000
36 Months
12K Annual Mileage

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Thanks for posting, but what were the incentives, MF and RV?

A little high of a payment for a Colorado but they didn’t completely take you to the cleaners. The ZR2 likely leases less great then a lower model so that’s a good thing.

Almost 500 a month for a Colorado is a little high IMO tho.

Still though, if you’re happy that’s what matters

AFAIK the ZR2 leases the best as it has the highest RV. But the MF on all Colorado/Canyons sucks big time.

Discount could have been hammered out more.

Just above the guideline but if the OP is happy with the deal then that’s good for them…

I hammered down for a week. I just couldn’t find anyone else willing to go less.

Best quote I got from this forum by 2 people.

One was for $530/mo.
And the other $490/mo.

Either way, if you guys are looking for a fun truck. Check out the ZR2. I learned about it after doing research on Tacoma’s. I went with the ZR2 as it’s a bigger cabin and I couldn’t comfortably fit in a Taco, considering I’m 6’6”.

Will find contract and post tomorrow.

Some of us do this to have lowest cost to drive, period (I don’t care if it’s just four wheels and a seat)

Some of us do this to drive what makes us happy at a price more attractive than what’s generally attainable by the average consumer.

Be happy! :smile: