Signed! 2019 BMW X7 50i 788+tax, 96k MSRP, 1700 DAS, 36/10k

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2019 BMW X7 50i

MSRP: $96,345
Selling Price: $80,352
Monthly Payment: $788 + 7.75% tax = 850
Cash Due at Signing: $1,300 (first month, doc, reg)
MSD: NONE! (Not allowed in NY)
Incentives: $4,750

Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10k
MF: .00142
Residual: 57%

Region: NE
Leasehackr Score:9.9

This one took A LOT of work. Wouldn’t have happened without being able to see the kind of discounts available through brokers. Unfortunately I had a trade in that made the deal very complicated. Dealers would either give me a great discount and low ball my trade or vice versa.

I probably contacted all the dealers in CT, MA, RI, NY, NJ. I had a deal local I’m CT but found out that car had summer performance tires and that was a deal breaker. Had a deposit on a different car in CT but after we agreed on price and DAS they took 500 from my trade in as cap cost reduction and that irked me. At this point I had been looking for two weeks and was really tired.

Was going to use a broker but a dealer I had previously contacted called me last minute with this deal and I had to take it. It was a 50i vs 40i for the same payment so I was happy. Was even able to get them to match my Vroom trade in deal which was way higher than anyone else was willing to go and more than fair. Payment would have been lower with MSDs but were not allowed in NY.

Smaller than the Yukon XL Denali we traded but drives WAY better.

X7 50i, black Vernasca leather, premium, cold weather, drive assistant pro, park assist.


Beauty! Good work man you put in a lot of effort


Thanks a lot. You were of great help. If you need a side kick let me know :).

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@Bostoncarconcierge the broker with a heart of gold.


This looks like a nice deal. I have looked at this vehicle and the quotes I received were significantly higher. Great job!

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Thanks! There are deals to be had on left over 19s that are having birthdays on dealer lots!

Great deal for a 50, wow. Loaner?

Brand new :slight_smile:

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Well done.

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Great work. I really want a leftover 2019 x7 40…but my lease is up in less than 3 months. Think they’ll be any around?

It seems that the deals are only on 50 models with the higher incentive?

19s will lose lease support end of March I believe. @Bostoncarconcierge May know. 2019 50i were good yes because of incentives. 40i are roughly the same monthly but you might as well get a 2020 spec’d how you want. You’d be surprised how some dealers are super motivated while others don’t care.

Thanks! I believe Mike said 19s lose support in April. I’ll check with him to find out if that means end of April or April 1.

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5.0s are less popular for whatever reason…so with the increased incentive it’s about the same price as the 4.0… very limited inventory of ‘19 4.0 too.

We don’t know when ”leasiblity” will end for ‘19s; likely either end of March or April but there is no forewarning. dealers don’t know either so you should be able to get a good deal at the end of March no matter what if there are some units left.

Dealers are actively dumping ‘19s more so than last year to avoid getting stuck with inventory. Surprised to see some dealers have no ‘19s left by the end of December.

Hey Guys!

April was 2019
It looks like this year it’s March (for now).

Sorry for any miscommunication!

The 50i has an extra $3000 in lease cash over the 40i.

Thanks Mike!

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could still be feb. nobody really knows. not that many 19s left on lots.

If you don’t mind me asking, what are the document and registration fees in NY that you paid? Did they charge you any taxes on $4750 incentives? I’m also in CT and looking to buy 2019 X7 in New York.

Dealer doc in NY is fixed at 75. Yes incentives are taxed. You get taxed at the rate of your registration state. In CT it is 7.75 for cars over 50k