Signed! 2019 bmw x6 msrp $74,335, 36/10 $690 with $798 due


I want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to @LeaseDoctor for the amazing deal, service, and for dealing with my constant indecisiveness . I was able to custom order the exact car that I wanted and had received it within 4 weeks. This car has been a dream for years and I think it was a great move from the 2016 X5.

I couldn’t get the calculator to work but after looking at the forums and the prices I am EXTREMELY HAPPY!

2019, BMW, X6, xdrive35i (M-Sport)

MSRP: $74,335
Monthly Payment: $ 690
Cash Due at Signing: $798
Incentives: Lease Credit, Loyalty, OL, Student

Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF:.00177 (before MSD)
Residual: 59

Region: NJ


Beauty!!! Enjoy!!!

Beautiful car and great deal. Congrats and enjoy.

oof - sorry bud you left at least 3-4k on the table


Nice car… but not a very good deal.


This is an ordered car with a leashacker score of 9.6. Can’t seem to find a better deal on this forum but thanks.

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You leave yourself open for potentially being screwed by looking at some subjective score or 1% “rule”. Just saying.