Signed! 2019 BMW X3 xDrive30i M-Sport 36/10k $399/mo, $1500 DAS, $54,565 MSRP

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Took some shopping around but I was finally able to strike a deal on an awesome X3. A beautiful M-Sport popped up just at the right time and after about a week of back and forth they got to my numbers. Picked it up yesterday, perfect car for my growing family, couldn’t be happier :smile:

2019 BMW X3 xDrive30i M-Sport Demo!
Black Sapphire on Black
M-Sport, Premium, Driver Assist, 20" Wheels

**MSRP: $54,565
**Selling Price: $43,955 (19.5% off MSRP before incentives)
**Monthly Payment: $399
**Cash Due at Signing: $1,500
**MSD: $2,800
**Incentives: $4,000 = $2,000 lease credit, $1,500 loyalty, $500 OL code

**Months: 36
**Annual Mileage: 10k
**MF: 0.00165 - MSDs = 0.00130
**Residual: $31,070 (57%)

**Region: Northeast
**Leasehackr Score: 11.3


Congratulations…!!! would you mind sharing the dealer details?

Looking for same car for my dad but no need for M sport. Lowest I have found was $495. Mins sharing dealer info?

Nicely done, that’s optioned almost exactly how I would want it too. With the deal being in the Northeast it gives me hope for when I’m ready to pull the trigger.

Great deal!

Great deal!
how many miles had the car?

Just under 5k miles. Everything is in the calculator if you want to see the breakdown.

Very nice deal!

Thanks everyone. :pray:I’ve decided not to share the dealer details because this is certainly not a deal they generally make, plus they don’t have anything close to this at the moment anyway.

These next 2.5 days are likely prime time for getting the best deal this month. Inventory really dried up after they bumped the incentives for the month so I’m not sure that will return next month, then again no one knows.

I basically just reached out to as many local dealers as possible, and a few out of state with X3s that were optioned as I wanted, and determined who was willing to play ball. About 90% of them dismissed my numbers out of hand as impossible. The other 10% I had to work on until the right car popped up at the right time and we came to an agreement.

Happy hunting…

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