Signed: 2019 BMW X1 Loaner (Midwest)

2019 BMW X1 xdrive
MSRP: $40,490
Discount: $8940
Rebate: $4,250
Sales: $27,300
Dealer Protection Package: $2200 (They wouldn’t budge on this, but gave me a bigger discount)
MF: 0.00093 (.00128)
RV: 64.57%
Doc: $699
Acq: $925
Taxes: $332
Loaner Mileage: approx 1200
Score: 10.7 years

With 7 MSDs, $324/month including tax. All that was due at signing was MSD’s and first month. Had to adjust calculator to show $0 due, but first month was in fact paid.

Click the zero drive off button?

That is genius! I’m really screaming newb tonight!

Nice, I’m considering an X1 myself here in Indiana and am trying to figure out if I think the sdrive will be sufficient or if I need the xdrive. Thinking I’m gonna have to go with the xdrive. Still a noob here but gotta say id be happy with only MSDs due at signing and $324 post tax. Enjoy your ride!

That was actually what we went to buy, sdrive that is, we were on our way to Nashville to close on a sdrive loaner, but stopped in Louisville. Louisville said they would earn the business. Originally we came to look at a new 2020 sdrive there, was around $350/mo. Told them I wanted to be lower. Ended up trading in our M240 for the X1 and a Z4. Wife loves the X1. I don’t think you would be disappointed in the sdrive either. We just happened to luck out with the xdrive.

Congrats on your BMW X1! Honestly, the discount on a loaner is not that great at 12.5% prior incentives. You should be able to get around 20% off with 4.x miles on a car (higher residual penalty).

I recently got one with M-sport package from Ohio (20% off) and I had a second offer from a dealer from TN on less optioned car (20% off) but with a bit higher dealer fees.

That said you are driving 2019 BMW X1 for $324 a month what is good deal. Many/most people out there will end up paying that much for a Honda Accord.

ha. funny you say that before I discovered LH I was quoted at 353 on 2.5K DAS on an accord. Luckily I thought it seemed high and I was not pressed for time and started doing research, now I’m on here every day just reading deals and taking it in.

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You sir hit it on the money! BMW quality for Honda price! Great minds think alike. The Indy dealer told me BMW’s aren’t low $300/mo. cars. Told me to keep the Terrain if we wanted that payment. I did see others were scoring a tad bit better deals to be honest. We had a 2019 sdrive in TN for $305 @ 24/10, but was another 3 hours away. Figured the $500/ish in savings wasn’t worth the 6 hours of driving and extra miles we would rack on the new lease. Overall, I know there is better if we hunted for another few weeks, but as you said still a solid deal, but not unicorn status, lol.