Signed 2019 bmw i8 roadster $168k msrp $998/monthly tax included 0 das plus max msd

I would like to thank the leasehackr community for making me aware of the insane bmw i8 deals. I just signed the lease on a 2019 i8 roaster! They won’t let me apply the OL code saying that it is specific to the south region but it is still a great deal overall.

For those asking for dealer info, the dealer has requested I not share the info. Sorry.


168 or 178?

168k rounded up

You have or have not included the bmw cca rebate in your equation?

Cca not factored in.

168k…was too excited and typed the wrong Msrp but got it right on the calc.

We need more photos! Great job on this one…a hacked i8 is something have been lusting after for sometime, but can never get the right deal.

Congratulations, I would love to get something similar any advice ?

My advice is to try to make friends with the gm at your dealership. I had spoken to the gm at my dealership a few times so I hit him up for a deal. We emailed back and forth and agreed on a deal. CA and internet managers aren’t able to make these deep discounted deals.


I recently picked up a similar roadster in June- also in SoCal.

I talked to 5 dealers and still can’t figure out your discount.

Can you post a pic of your contract (the area with cap cost etc.) so we can see how this is broken down ?

What are you trying to figure out? It is all in the calculator. Congrats on the i8. What deal did you get on it?

Will you be able to apply the entire 5500 federal ev rebate for this one?

No, leases don’t get federal rebate, it’s either already included in pricing or dealer keeps it.

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