Signed - 2019 BMW 440iGC demo $416 /month 2k down 24/12k


Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share the deal I just scored on a demo 2019 BMW 440i GC White/black M- Sport with 4900 miles. 15% off before incentives.

56k MSRP
2k down

*payment is lower then deal sheet due to MF dropping to .00145 but losing $250 in rebates.

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Was it from Gwinnett? If so I’m surprised they didn’t try to force you buy their “preinstalled” Lo-Jack.
They must be one of the highest selling BMW dealerships in the country. They have more than 100 loaners.

oh no, I’m just waiting for electric to chime in :neutral_face:.


Honestly 15% is the average deal people are getting on loaners

The reason this one might not have been discounted as heavily as other is due to M sport + it’s a 440 and also the fact it’s a Gran coupe appeals to more people.

However saying that I do think you could have negotiated a tad bit more and cut your DAS to 1st payment only

how to get demo/loaner lease deal information?
Do I need to ask dealer one by one?

Go on auto trader search used bmw 2019 (model) under 5k miles and then see the carfax on the dealers website link and make sure the only registered owner is the dealer and it was not registered as a personal vehicle

Also loaner can be over 5k but then they don’t qualify for new car incentices most of time unless bmwfs makes an exception


Thanks a lot for the information

Hey I’m shopping for the same car so I’m trying to know what to offer , I don’t see taxes on the sheet . Is the 2k down taxes ?

@King_of_Queens Taxes were included in the deal. In GA they are paid up front. 2k was total down.

how did you get 10k in rebates? what are they?

What about the $925 lease initiation fee?

It’s 8250 not 10k