Signed: 2019 BMW 430Xi GC Loaner, 24/10k, $194/mo 2k DAS + 7 MDSs

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2019 BMW 430Xi Gran Coupe Loaner with ~ 4200 miles

First of all I wanted to thank this great community for educating me more about leasing. I leased a car back in 2013, but was no where near as smart to negotiate numbers.

I am happy with this deal as I got the car in the color combo I wanted (white exterior, beige interior)
It’s not a unicorn deal but I think it’s a decent deal.

Few things before I list the details:
These deals can take time, so be patient. I tried to get an i3 deal last year but it just wasn’t working out so I quit because I patient.
When I heard about the 4 series deals this summer I tried again to “hack” a deal.
I started my search mid July, and reached out to dealers from northeast down to mid atlantic with no luck. July passed and I had no deal. August came an I had one dealer that was upfront with pricing but would not budge on the sale price (12% off msrp) before incentives. So I gave up. Then in the last week of August I noticed the same dealer still didn’t’ sell the car but went down an additional $2700 of the sale price. I decided to give it another shot and to cut the story short I got the car on the last day of August with the following details.

I know it’s September but I just wanted to share my story because of this incredible community.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 BMW 430Xi Gran coupe
MSRP: $49,505
Monthly Payment: $194.07
Drive-Off Amount: $1979 + $1400 in MSDs
Months: 24
Annual Mileage: 10k
MF: 001600
Residual: 63% ($30,260)
Incentives: Lease cash ($4500) Loyalty ($2500) College grad ($1000)
Region: Northeast
Leasehackr Score: 16.3 years
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

I got loyalty because my sister had a BMW. The DAS is a little off in the calculator but the rest is ok.

I’m from NJ and picked up the car in CT. The dealer was awesome to work with and the finance guy was not pushy at all, had me out in less than 2 hours (lots of deliveries that day.)


Nice deal and great car!

I just closed a similar deal on 440iGC last month and love it!!

The info here in LH was invaluable in my process.

Awesome deal, enjoy!!

Great job! Glad to see some 4 series deals are still flowing in…

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I agree the car is awesome!
The 440 must be a little extra fun to drive than the 430 hahaha
Enjoy it!

Thanks guys

Nice work and congrats! Post some pics of that white on beige when you get a chance

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I am not sure these types of deals possible in south Florida. So you reach out to dealer and ask them their price? Then what? Sorry I’m just trying to get a piece of this action.

If you want a deal, you’ll prob have to travel. Shop north Florida, Alabama, South Georgia and maybe even LA and MS. I just found 2 good/great deals in Alabama so it was worth the 3.5hr one way drive from ATL.

Rarely do great deals fall in your lap. A little leg work can make a great deal of difference. Everything you need is here on LH. Take that info, apply the supply and demand concept of Capitalism and find a demo that’s been sitting a while. Ask the dealer for their best price and the details of their proposal. If they move a fair amount off MSRP (this shows they want to move the car), put a counter offer on them at numbers you can live with and that you know would be a good, but doable deal. Research other recent deals here for the same car, so you know what’s doable and so you don’t look like a fool when you put some crazy low-ball offer on the table. .If they don’t play, don’t be mad, just move on. If they do play, drive home happy…

Honestly, the real key is not trying to score a unicorn, just look for a good/doable deal based on what you’ve seen here. If you aim for a unicorn only, you’ll spend a ton of time and burn through a lot of dealers. Do it right, and you never know what you might find…

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Wow, that’s not a bad deal.

194 a month on 49k MSRP is a unicorn deal…


You’ve got to account for the DAS, which makes the effective monthly to $276. Nonetheless an incredible deal.

If this isn’t an unicorn deal then what is? I’m new to this and I was baffled by the numbers

It’s pretty darn close, 18% discount is nothing to sneeze at and VERY difficult to achieve.

Without loyalty, MSD and DAS it wouldn’t look nearly as amazing but it would still be fantastic.

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