Signed: 2019 BMW 330i Loaner

Just signed a BMW 330i loaner with 4300 miles. Without my negative equity, here is roughly the numbers.

MSRP: $44760
Selling Price w/o Incentives: $36510 (18.4%)
Monthly Payment: $338
Drive-Off Amount: $1250 + $1800 MSD
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12000
MF: .00128 before 4 MSDs
Residual: 60%
Incentives: $1000 lease credit + $750 conquest + $1000 college grad
Region: CA
Leasehackr Score: ~11.4
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

With my negative equity, $3600, my actual payment is $449 (for the 1% folks - still right there) - sure not great but still very good IMO (LH score 8.7):

To add more perspective to the deal. They gave me $1200 more for my car than Carvana offered. The registration for it was due in a month ($530), and it needed new tires within 4 months. So, you can think of my effective DAS as $0 (besides MSDs) if you consider I was about to have to pay out $750 for tires and $530 for the registration. I only did 4 MSDs because I wanted to stay at $3000 out of pocket. Also 4 MSD offered a slightly higher ROI of 28% vs 27.4% with 7 :smiley:.


Nice! The lower MF is definitely helping this month. Glad you were able to work something out.

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Mr. ROI, you would have saved $1500 if you had put the $1800 into the lease you rolled in and done no MSD;

But that’s a great deal!!!


:joy: this forum has made me more financially aware even beyond leasing.

you would have saved $1500 if you had put the $1800 into the lease you rolled in and done no MSD;

I guess it depends how you look at it. Unless I’m thinking about this wrong, if I would have done $1800 towards the negative I rolled in and then the $1250 drive-off, that’s $3000 I’m not getting back so with your calculator link $406+($3000/36) = $489/mo. With the way I did it, it’s $449+($1250/36) = $483/month.

But it’s still a great deal!!!

Thanks! I learned a lot on here, and it has allowed me to recover fairly well from my previously terrible deal.

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Good discount on this car, nice job and congrats!

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Look at the total lease cost in the calculators to make it simple. MSD is refundable so it doesn’t factor into the total lease cost :slight_smile:

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Wouldn’t this be a better way to calculate this scenario though ($1800 as down payment instead of selling price reduction)?

In your calculator link, the $1800 came off the selling price, so it doesn’t get factored back into the lease cost anywhere.

Btw, I’m not trying to argue, I genuinely just want to understand it. Thanks!

Right, that’s what I mean - if you had taken your MSD payment of $1800 and instead made an $1800 payment on your lien (no MSD on BMW).

Yeah, so what I am saying is: if I did that the real cost of my lease would be the total cost of the lease from the calculator link you posted, $15316, plus the $1800 I sent to my previous lease, which is a total of $17116. The deal I signed was $16868 :slightly_smiling_face:

Damn it you’re right. I thought I was so smart when I was forgetting about the $1800 :rofl: ignore me!!

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Lmao :joy: . All good dude!

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can you please let me know how did the college graduate credit work? Did you have that approved in advance or did the approval come at the end once you were with the finance person? did you just bring diploma at the time of signing? any details would be great

I provided them a copy of my degree and proof of employment before they ran my credit.

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How did you go about getting an 18.4% discount off MSRP? I’m in the process now and can’t seem to get past 10-13%