Signed: 2019 Audi Q7 SE Premium Plus 3.0T $69.8K MSRP, 36/12k, $693/mo incl. tax, $1,529 DAS, $6.3k MSD

2019 Audi Q7 SE Premium Plus 3.0T
Navarra Blue
Premium Plus Package
Black Optic Package
Cold Weather Package

MSRP: $69,840
Selling Price: $57,967 (17% off MSRP)
Monthly Payment: $693/mo (includes Audi Care of approx. $9/mo and 8.5% Sales Tax)
Drive-Off Amount: $1,529 (first month plus upfront fees)
MSDs: $6,300
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12,000
MF: 0.0005 (.00005 after 9 MSDs or 0.12%)
Residual: 53% (52% + 1% Audi Care)
Incentives: $4,000 Dealer Cash included in Selling Price above
Region: NorCal

Really happy with the Navarra Blue with Black Optic Package - looks great. Plus the SE models include some Prestige options like Air Suspension and Black Optic without the terrible Prestige residuals. Effective payment including all fees is about $711/month on a nearly $70k Q7. I’ll take it.


Congrats on a great deal. Post some pics!

Pics to come tomorrow. By the time I got out of the dealer today, it was too dark to get anything decent.

Congratulations man, I pushed for the same % off and couldn’t get there down in SoCal. I was told that I was “being absurd” “it’s an impossible deal, no one would do that” “I would put money down that no one would give you that deal” “no dealer would lose that much money on this car”

Congrats! Could you tell me the dealer please? Live in Norcal too. Thank you!

Good deal. Q7 being redisigned i guess?

here’s a quick picture of the car:


Loving the air suspension on this.


Congratulations. Great choice of Color and SE pkg with Black Optics and Air Suspension.
Did they Tax the MSD amount also?

I was told that by a couple dealers up here as well. Most offers started at 10% and one increased up to 13% but effectively told me to go fly a kite when I pushed for more. Fortunately, the dealer I did lease through offered me the 17% upfront. I have had an existing relationship with them for my last two Q5 leases, which partially helped. They knew I was serious though, because I had introduced myself personally to the ISM when I came in for my Q5s service and he arranged a Q7 loaner for me to take home for a couple of days to test out. So when I reached out to him and told him upfront what I wanted in the deal - I asked for 20% initially - he knew that I was an informed buyer and a serious buyer.

With 2019 inventory rapidly dropping, I didn’t feel I needed to push much harder on the deal as the car had every option I wanted and then some. I think I got lucky with the timing as they were also trying to hit a volume bonus for January to get off to a good start, because on the car itself I think they took a $4k “loss.”

They asked me not to spread the deal as it is unlikely to be replicated. Just canvas the various dealers in NorCal by email and start some conversations to express interest, but also be respectful of their time and just don’t “kick tires.” I told every one I reached out to that I would close the deal that same day - and I would have if their offers were competitive.

Yes, clearing inventory certainly helped. I wasn’t enamored with the new tech/touch screens and the exterior changes were minimal - if anything I think the 2020s are slightly larger, which was not appealing to me as it is big enough for us living in SF.

MSDs were not taxed.

Cool - thank you for your advice!

Thanks for the reply - maybe I’ll try again this week to see whats what.

I got close on one, but then they started lying about the dealer cash and they basically blew up the deal at that point. If they had said something like ‘we can’t go that low this month’ or some such, that would have let things continue at a later date, but lying about the dealer cash being 3k when it is 4k was something that told me that I wasn’t negotiating with someone in good faith.

congrats sounds like a great deal for a big car.

Did the residuals decrease for the Q7? I thought they were at 57% for 36/12. I am located in Atlanta.

I believe 57% is on the 2.0T PP+ whereas mine was a 3.0T Special Edition. Double check edmunds to make sure.

In December the RV/MF on 2.0t was .00093 and 56/12k +1% with Audi Care. Believe this month the MF was raised to .00122 and RV dropped…but may be mistaken

Thank you. I’m sure they will decline further as the 2020’s start to hit dealers. Trying to decide if I should work a deal on a remaining 2019 or wait a few months on a 2020. My current lease is up in April so I have some time. Not sure they will be dealing on the 2020’s in April though.

Getting a deal on a MY20 will be hard. Audi’s don’t lease well in general, so keep that in mind.