SIGNED 2019 Audi Q7 premium 3.0

Just want to make sure I didn’t leave anything on the table.
MSRP 65,000
39 mos
$1,131 DAS
All other fees and taxes rolled in.
$715 per month

Good deal?

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It’s already signed. There is nothing you can do to change it. Enjoy the new car


I get that. Was just curious.

You’re barely providing any info on the deal, how can we judge if it’s good or bad?


I just got a q7 premium plus W/ Drivers assistance for $633 per month with taxes included. $1880 in fees.


Wow, That’s a better deal then any of the brokers here were able to get. What’s the catch? Demo? MSDs?

No catches. No msd’s and the car had 80 miles on it. If your in the nyc area. I can connect you with a dealer that could get you a similar deal.

congrats. Did you get the 3.0 L car?

im in the new york area, south ozone park queens, looking for a similar deal as yours would appreciate the dealer info, thank you

Yes, Got a 3.0. with 20" wheels

Can you give some more insight on the deal you got? Mainly up front total cost and miles per year/term? I am looking for one right now 2019 and wanted to try and get the best deal I can. Thanks!

MSRP $65,000 $1,130 out of pocket which includes 1st month and some fees. 39 month lease 12k miles per year. $715 per month

If I PM you can I still get dealer info? In Mass but willing to drive.

Hi. Am in Brooklyn and would love to get the 3.0 Audi Q7. Would you be kind enough to send me the dealer info

Milburn DCH audi. Ask for Leo.

Enjoy the car buddy post fact nothing matters

You’re locked in

Good deal or not?
36 mos
0 down
All other fees and taxes rolled in.
$863 per month
I believe the money factor is 0.00097

in Texas

Good deal?