Signed! 2019 Audi A3 Premium 36 months $1957 DAS $249/month - CA

Alright! I thought myself a great negotiator, visited multiple Audi dealerships, and had them negotiate against each others best offers. I find this forum before finalizing the deal, and come to realize apparently I am not as good of a negotiator as I thought:laugh :joy:. Spoke with several dealers and brokers on here (some not as kind, attentive, or willing to help as others), and this was the best deal out of all the offers!

I have to give a shout out to the broker who helped me out, I asked him 1000 questions and hounded him and hounded him over and over again to make sure I was getting the best deal. He said he was so confident in his deal that he encouraged me to get a few more quotes from other dealerships, and that if I found a better deal on the A3, I would just need to send him the quote sheet from the dealership and he would beat whatever deal they were offering, NOT MATCH, BEAT their deal. I took that as a challenge, went back to all the dealerships I originally got offered deals from (plus a few I had not), showed them the deal that the broker had offered me. They all either said the DAS did not include the “inception fees” or that the deal was just flat out not real. I was hesitant at first to move forward and fill out the application with the broker, but then I came to find that he was on this forum too, so if he was in fact playing games or going to change the numbers last minute like the dealerships were saying I could just let all of you know what happened and you all would help me destroy him!!! Lol. BOTTOM LINE: I filled out the application with Nathan from Omega Auto Group, he not only got me approved right away, he even found the color I wanted and had someone from the Audi dealership deliver the car to my house that same day! When they delivered my A3 to me with the lease, I looked over the entire contract to make sure all the numbers were exactly as he told me, and true to his word, it was.

Thank you Nathan!

Here is their website: Omega Auto Group

And here is Nathan’s thread @Omegaautogroup

2019 Audi A3 Premium

MSRP: $34090
Selling Price: $26985
Monthly Payment: $249
Cash Due at Signing: $1957
**MSD:**0 (I know it s a better deal but I don’t see the point in giving thousands of dollars away for three years to only save minimal amount on the monthly)
Incentives: 1500 lease rebate, 750 loyalty rebate

Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 7500

**Leasehackr Score:**9.8


Sorry, I didn’t do that second link right.

Here is Nathans thread on the forum Omega Auto Group Lease Deals. Lease Specials Updated Monthly:) May Specials Updated!

Your MF is 00 after 10 MSDs ($2500), dropping your payment by $23x24 mos= $552 plus about $23 less drive off = $575. Simple interest 575/2500 is 23% over 2 years. That’s 11.5% a year in interest. Pretty good for guaranteed interest.

(For 36, $23x36 mos= $828 plus about $30 less drive off = $858. Simple interest 858/2500 is 34% over 3 years. That’s also ~11% a year in interest)

10 MSD’s is actually $2750, and it only drops my payment $20/mo. In the span of 3 years though the difference between MSD and No MSD in terms of total lease cost is only $808 in savings (with MSD). Giving up $2750 for 3 years just to save $808 is just not worth it to me. As I already stated in the my original post

It is my own personal perspective. I do understand your perspective and again, I even agree it is a better deal. I have 5 leases, if I did MSD’s on all of them, I would be out essentially $15000 for 3 years just to save $4000. Which is why I think MSD’s are really only of great benefit to one (possibly two) car households in the long term.

I put in MSDs in your LHCalc and that’s what I got…

9.7% guaranteed annually is still amazing

In any case, if you have better use for 15000 than getting 4000 in interest, I agree you’re better off without. Personally I’d gladly put that much away for that kind of guaranteed payoff

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Is there a reason why your IP address is the same as @Omegaautogroup’s?


:anguished::anguished::anguished::anguished: investigative journalism!!

Seems Omega Auto Group needs to install a VPN to hide its shenanigans. :wink:



I had a feeling from that other post they made lol

How is $249 times 10 $2750? I was pretty good at math in HS, and I’m confused! Did the OP not mention tax in his payment?

As for people who don’t want to do MSDs, there is no better guaranteed, tax free return than MSDs…if anyone can find me 10% tax free, risk free on my money, then please let me know…I’m eager to invest!

Wait, it’s a fake/promo post?

Maybe it’s his wife. He made his wife shop around before giving her the deal. Anyhow it’s still a great deal if he can replicate it for other hackrs

Busted. :smile:
LH is a tough place to fool around with members.

Well isn’t this embarrassing :slight_smile:

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OMG this is crazy, pulling up a chair now to see how this unfolds

Something tells me we will never hear from @Shimmychoo ever again

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The point though, is dishonest business. If it is a deal that good, he should advertise it properly like all the other brokers do.

LH is meant to be a safer place than a dealership.

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Not really. LH doesn’t vet brokers/dealers/users, so it’s still on the consumer to do their due diligence.

We will update the Marketplace Guidelines to explicitly prohibit businesses from having multiple accounts, along with repercussions for violating this rule (i.e., first a warning and then loss of registered Dealer or Broker status).

While LH is an open forum for discussion, we’ll do what we can to prevent fake reviews.