Signed: 2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti Q2 - 24/12k $412/month $440 DAS - FL


Thanks to folks on this forum that posted other Giulia deals, I was able to get what feels like a really good deal over the weekend.

2019, Alfa Romeo, Giulia Ti Q2

MSRP: $50,239
Selling Price: $36680.50
Monthly Payment: $412.78
Cash Due at Signing: $440

Annual Mileage:12000
MF: .00021
Residual: 58%

Region: FL
Leasehackr Score:10.3


I think that’s a very good deal, at least in FL. Dealers didn’t budge too much for me on a Giulia I was looking at for my aunt. Enjoy the Alfa!


nice deal. Love my Ti Sport


Best deal on a Giulia I’ve seen in a long while


I looked at a Sport as well, but there wasn’t enough adjustment of the side bolsters on the seat back to be comfortable for me for long distances…I think the seats are the only Sport thing I didn’t get in my Ti. Glad to hear that you are enjoying it.


Sounds like a sweet deal! Enjoy!


Care to share the dealer?


Sport seats are not comfy at all. I test drove the Lusso and they were great.


Hell of a price. Congrats.

I’m hoping to score something like this next May when my current Giulia lease is up.


Bill, I’ll PM you the info. They claimed that they made a mistake on my quote but were willing to honor it anyway…Not sure if that was honest or just salesman BS, but they claim they couldn’t replicate the deal…I bet you could get close though even if that were true.


The weather in FL hasn’t been cooperating to get nice clean pics yet, but here are a few…

It had every option I wanted except for yellow calipers, but the red isn’t bad…


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Thanks. Glad you got a steal of a deal.


Really nice color combo. Probably one of the best I’ve seen.


Very sharp Ben.

I’m 6’2 and it is a little tight but easily doable, even with a sunroof. How is your comfort level?


Which dealer ?


I’m 6’3" - 195lbs and I have plenty of room and its very comfortable…In a perfect world, the seat would go down another inch or so (not from a headroom perspective, I just like to sit low), but 4 days in and I’m already getting used to it…I think I’ve spent more time cleaning off love-bugs than I’ve spent driving it…heh…hope they are gone soon


That’s an awesome deal sir! Congrats! Would you be willing to PM me the dealer info. l live in Florida as well and have been on the hunt for a Giulia for some time now. Best I‘ve found so far was $550 with tax and $550 due at signing from a dealer in South Carolina for a 2018 TI Sport (36/10k). Thanks


What’s the MF? You had it listed as .00021 but on the calculator you put .0021


Gorgeous car, enjoy


Thanks for pointing that out Allen, .00021 is correct, I’ll update the calc to be correct. Going through the numbers again, we found an error in the original contract and the price dropped from $440/month to $413, just resigned this afternoon!!!