SIGNED 2019 Acura MDX Base



Just signed this deal in Orange County for a 2019 Acura MDX - FWD Base in Lunar Silver.

MSRP: $45,295
Selling Price: $37,188.40
Monthly Payment: $414.99 (including 9.5% tax)
Cash Due at Signing: $1,200 (drive off fees plus 1st payment)
MSD: $0
Incentives: Not sure

Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12,000
MF: .00110
Residual: 59%

Region: Los Angeles, CA

How did we do? Got about 18% off MSRP and other dealers in SoCal were unwilling to match or beat.


Congrats! Could you please pm the sales email? I am looking as well


Yes, can you please message me dealer info? Also looking for an MDX in SoCal.


That MF is really low… is that right? This is a great deal.


That’s is what I am wondering. I think he added another zero before 1. Anywhere I asked around, it was always 0.0011 and never 0.0001.


Made a mistake on the money factor.
Dealers I spoke with willing to match (on other colors): Mission Viejo Acura, Orange Coast Acura, Alhambra Acura.


Which dealer did you get this deal from? And who was the contact person?


Great job! Could you pleases PM the dealer name?


PM Dealer name too please.


Anyone able to get the dealer info from the OP? I messaged him twice, no response.


Nope. I did do a mass quote request to dealership in SOCAL/San Diego and the lowest monthlies (after taxes) I got ranged from $480-540 for a Base MDX. RDX was about the same too.


Could you PM the dealership?




Purchased at Orange Coast Acura. As I mentioned in a previous post, Mission Viejo and Alhambra were willing to match.


This is a fantastic deal. Congrats!


Update, prior to New Year I was able to get a much better deal on MDX with Tech (MSRP $50k and change) for under $500 a month with zero down and zero at signing/drive offs. Dealership wanted to give me a better deal on RDX A Spec. However my friend’s wife is stuck on three row seats. Dealership in Tustin.


Can you PM me the salesman’s name and dealership? Thank you in advance!


Can you send me the dealership and contact person’s info as well? Would be curious if anyone in Norcal could do a similar deal.