Signed 2019 540i xdrive - MSRP -71,450 with 17% off, 559/Month with Tax

Signed this right before Christmas. Many thanks to @nextlevelautobrokers for his guidance. Really appreciate what this community has to offer and helping folks not to settle for any less.

Overall, it was a brand new car sitting on dealers lot for over 300 days with 990 miles and had every package I was looking for: M sport, Premium, driver assistance and most importantly Cognac Dakota Leather with contrast stitching.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 540i xdrive
MSRP: $ 71450
Monthly Payment: $ 559 with 10% WA tax
Drive-Off Amount: $ 4200 MSDs + First month
Annual Mileage:30,000
MF:.00168 - they didn’t budge on this but reduced it with 7 MSDs
Residual: 42747
Incentives: 5250
BMW CCA - 1000
Region: VA, MD but registering the car in Seattle
Leasehackr Score: High 12
Leasehackr Calculator Link:


Thank you @Bostoncarconcierge for letting me know to black out the stock number and vin - while I was negotiating this deal and asking for opinion.

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No need for a thanks there. Very nice of you though! Congrats on a killer deal. NICE

DK is the one to thank. He’s prettttty good at this


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Completely agree, Mike. Dan first helped me secure an amazing deal on 2020 M340i xdrive earlier in October. I was looking for 540 but missed couple of deals posted here in early December and then thought of reaching out to dealers myself. Overall, it took 4 days of going back and forth and then eventually signing even though I couldn’t negotiate on the marked up MF.

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@huskies thank you for the shout out! I did nothing as you had all the cards lined up and found an amazing deal!

@Bostoncarconcierge is an amazing asset to LH !

The best part is that it was still under 1000 miles to qualify for CCA and still had a sick discount, amazing! MF bump is totally negated by the crazy discount they gave you! Let’s see some pics of the msport!