Signed - 2018 XC90 T6 Momentum 60k mSRP. 39/7.5. 550+tax. First and plate DAS


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That’s a very good deal - congrats!


please explain $0 doc fee


So looked at the paperwork again. They actually have all the fees in there and have reduced cap cost to account for it. But the guy said they are going to adjust the paperwork and send me a new one. Will post when I have but I know that I paid 6k in MSDs and 1k for first and plate.

The doc fee stuff was my negotiating tactic. Here is my formula that usually works. Ask for the most miles and don’t mention MSDs. fixate on a target number with the sales guy. I went for 0 down 625 a month. It will take a few weeks but they will eventually email you enough to get to that. At that point drop the miles and mention MSDs.

I know ppl on this site work a lot differently and more power to them.