Signed - 2018 MB C300 Loaner Northern CA $328 (24/10k)

Did okay on my first lease using information from this site and edmunds (for residual and incentives). Some notes for next time and mistakes i made:

  • I didn’t take into the fact that the loaner already had current registration, so when i made an offer, i included drive-off fees and they took advantage of that
  • Not sure i made the right decision regarding prepaid maintenance plan
  • Buy-rate was messed with after i decided on maintenance plan and due to me making the mistake on registration
  • There are a lot more fewer brokers here in NorCal, so I could not land deals like SoCal it seemed
  • They increased acquisition fee to $1095 but i asked to lower by 300 off selling

2018, Mercedes, C300 (loaner), and Sedan:

**MSRP: $45,505 (includes prepaid maintenance)
**Selling Price: $35,130
**Monthly Payment: $328 (w/ tax)
**Cash Due at Signing: $879.74 (included the fufu mistake of them adding a downpayment in lieu of registration fee–see my note above)
**MSD: 3 MSDs total $1050
**Incentives: $1750 PenFed Loyalty

**Months: 24
**Annual Mileage: 10K
**MF: .00037 (base rate adjusted after MSDs and me being dumb w/ registration fufu)
**Residual: $28,063 (61.6% re-calculated based on loaner mileage)

**Region: Norther California
**Leasehackr Score: 11.7 (13.1 for 36/10K)


I’d say still a sold deal.

pretty good, were you ever quoted on the 36 mo for comparison?

I changed from 36 to 24 when i got to the dealer after seeing the new 3 series come out and the fact that the C300’s were getting refreshed for 2020 (should be in late 2019).

what was the diff in payment?
Also remember, MB has ugly $600 dispo fee if you’re switching to BMW, easier to digest over 36 mo than 24 IMO

difference was ~$17/month, i think because the residual shot up from 56% (36 months) to 62% (24 months)…

That’s a great deal! Probably better than 95% of other C-Class leases out there.

tires likely due at 36m so you should get back your $17/mo in tire savings and then some, especially if you’ll need all 4 replaced. Plus you get a new car again in 2 years.

Congratulations on the nice deal! Do you mind sharing the dealer info? I’m also in the Nor Cal region and am looking for a C300 loaner. Thanks!

awesome deal, also in the market for a lease, do you mind sharing the dealer? thanks

You can pm me, since I’m not sure me mentioning it is allowed…

You are free post your dealer’s info. Just make sure it’s OK with them - they may not want to get a million phone calls & emails.

Just sent PM. Thanks.

What was the mileage on your car? I was thinking about doing a loaner but they’re offering a 9000 mile 2018 c300. Honestly I think 9000 is already too close to that 10,000 mile MB loaner limit.

Hey can you pm me too?

Hi! I’m in the NorCal region as well can anyone advise for the C300 Coupe?

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My understanding is that the mid-cycle changes are for MY 2019, actually.

Based on my experience over the last 2 wks (where I couldn’t find a great deal on a low-mileage C300 loaner to save my life), it looks like you got an awesome deal, IMHO.

If they residualized the pre-paid maintenance, you def did the right thing. IIRC, yearly maintenance on my C250 sedan (previous gen) was at least $500 each time.

can u pm details

can you please PM me the dealer info.

can you please pm me the details, thanks!