SIGNED 2018 Lexus RX350L Premium - $387.92 w/ tax, only MSD's


First I want to thank everyone here and all of the information that made this possible. I officially hacked the lease and got an amazing price. I have bought BMW’s for the last 15 years, but with the increased MF’s and the lack of incentives it was time to move on from the brand for at lease a few years. May venture back to the G05 once they get the kinks worked out and start leasing a little better, but this deal was just too good to pass up with even stripped down 2018 F15 X5’s leasing at $650 or more.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim - 2018 Lexus RX350L Premium w/ Navigation (Eminent White w/ Black Leather)

MSRP: $55,418
Selling Price: $47,750 (prior to incentives)
Monthly Payment: 35 payments of $399.50 on a 36 month lease (effective $387.92 as they waived first months payment as part of the December to Remember Sales Event)
Cash Due at Signing: $0 (only MSD’s of $3,600 - first months payment waived)
MSD: 9 x $400 = $3,600
Incentives: $6,500 Lexus Lease Credit
Tax Credits: applied to lower the taxes to 1% of the selling price, which equated to around $418 after incentives applied)
Acquisition Fee: $795
Registration Fee: $87
Document Fee: $150
Window Tint = $0

Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 7,500
MF: .00135 (MSD’s lowers it .00063)
Residual: 55%

Region: Southwest/TX
Leasehackr Score: 11.9

*** I am not sure if this deal can be replicated as they do not have many left in stock, but will check with my sales guy tomorrow and see if he is ok with me sharing his information.

Get a 2018 Honda CR-V or wait for the 2019?

looks like a really solid deal, congrats! :fire::fire::fire::fire:


Great deal. I am curious is Lexus really covering the 1st payment or is your dealer just rearranging the chips? I haven’t seen this advertised anywhere.


^^^ To be honest I heard they have offered it in years past, but heard nothing about this year. When I went to sign I was prepared to write a check for $399 + $3600 and they used part of some incentive, believe it was the lease credit to wash out first months payment. I wasn’t going to ask questions at that point…

I do think they re-arranged the chips by lowering some of the fees. I would have to pull out paperwork to see exactly how they calculated it.


There is a $6,500 incentive on the rx in your region?


Do you mind pm me the dealer info? I am in TX too.


@Dany1122 yes TX currently has a $6,500 incentive on the RX 350L

@Mo_UT I am checking with my salesman to see if they can replicate this deal

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What’s the residual for 36mon/15K? I’m also in Texas


Great Deal! Congrats! Just got back from Dallas with ours.


Looks like you got a better deal than this guy.



Great deal! We looked at the RX350L over the summer, but ended up with another MDX because they weren’t discounting the RX350Ls at the time - $200/mo difference on similar trim, even though there were about two dozen of them sitting on the lot. With a $6500 incentive on the RXL, I guess Lexus is getting serious about competing with the MDX.

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Oh… my gosh


Crazy deal considering it’s Texas where they require sales tax to be paid on the entire sales price of the car even if it’s a lease.

Post pics when you can!

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Does anyone know the residual for the rx450hl. Edmunds is showing 57%


@DigitalBC thanks for sharing.
tx is not alone apparently, many states have 6,400 lease cash on the “L” model with the 3rd row. see screenshot below from
this looks very interesting, depending on how much discount before incentives a dealer is willing to offer on the '18s. i, for one. will be checking the ride out this week to replace my outgoing x5.


Pretty decent, but not good for most
‘Annual Mileage: 7,500’

In addition, I’m sure its because the L model is not selling well at all it seems.So better late than never.

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^ Even if you increased it to 10 or 12k, which they were willing to do it would only add $15-$18 a month per interval. So at $430/month for 12K, which does work for most and 15K was a available too…

Don’t think the L is selling well due to cramped third row, their loss my gain


I have talked to multiple dealerships in Houston trying to get something similar but no luck, especially on the L. They say they want to see the contact. Looking to get the RX 350 (L if I can get it at $450 12/36 with 0 down).
Is there documentation from the dealership that would work or maybe if someone has the dealers information and would be okay with them being contacted by me, could they PM the info?


Is this deal still valid?


Will you send pictures of the contract?