Signed - 2018 Grand Cherokee Limited - 329+Tax , Zero DAS, 36/12K

Just signed 2018 Grand Cherokee 4x2 Limited for 329+tax with zero due at signing for 36/12K in Orange County.
MSRP is $41,730. I was hoping for an X5 and close to signing but it was sold before i return from my trip. Happy with this deal, a lot of car for the money. Contract is through a local credit union. US bank and Chrysler Capital were higher.
Edit: Pictures

I also got three oil changes, privacy trunk cover, floor mats and full tank of gas thrown in.



Wow I’ve been looking like crazy on the other coast in 4 different states and can’t get below $440. Congrats

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Looking for the same SUV myself. Do you mind sharing more info? Which dealership, sale person etc. Thanks.

Great deal. Although I still think 4x2 Jeeps should be illegal!


Ehhhhhh if you live in sunny Southern California they sorta kinda make sense if you don’t do beach driving or skiing.

But I feel ya.

Guys, I asked my sales guy whether I can share. I don’t think it’s difficult to get , I simply got the advertised purchase deal along with full rebates and conquest . I was not for eligible for anything special. You should ask them to quote you with the best programs through their lenders though.

Damn that is a great deal! I am working on getting a 2018 Limited 4x2 - deal info below:

MSRP: $44,125
Price: $41,725
Rate: .00001
ACQ Fee: 295.00

Down Payment: $2000
Rebates/Incentives: $6500

Adjusted Capital Cost: $35,144
Adjusted Residual: $20,738

Total monthly payment: $431.78

Is this a good deal or not? What are the determining factors?

You have low discount and low rebates despite better money factor and acquisition fee ( is that correct ? That seems too low ) . Don’t you have conquest ($500) ? Expand your search , you should be able to do better .

Which credit union? Curious to know which one does leases.

SoCal Credit Union

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My dealer contact told me I can share. His name is Tyler Wood from Orange Coast Jeep.

Correct … Literally no reason for us to get an AWD. Even barely rains here .

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Wow. That’s a great deal. I haven’t been able to find anything under $525 in FL! Just curious, what was the deal you were getting on the X5?

x5 deal was $480+tax with $1000 DAS for a base model with upgraded wheels.

Jeep is a better car then the X5

It is more buck for your lease money for sure right now. Better car? I am not sure.

I have owned both prefer to daily drive the jeep over the x5

Do you mind sharing how the process works? How do you negotiate the lease with the dealership if you used a credit union? I’m looking to to the same but for a Wrangler. Thanks!

Dealer used the CU, not me. For me the process is the same , I signed the lease contract and now making the payment to the credit union ( instead of Chrysler Capital or US Bank ) . For them, it’s just another lender they sell to.

Thanks. So I guess I need to find a dealer that is willing to use a CU… i’m guessing not all of them will