Signed: 2018 BMW 340 xdrive loaner for $299 w/tax, $1250 DAS, $2100 MSDs

Finally signed the deal today for a 2018 BMW 340 xdrive retired loaner in the Chicago area. Car had 3150 miles, and thanks to fellow hackr chrishs2000, I waived the acquisition fee to drop the payment an additional $10/mo after applying max MSDs.

If I had an OL code for $1000 or grad rebate, this would have been a unicorn for sure. But, I still think a 0.53% lease is pretty pretty good.

MSRP: $55,900
Selling Price: $46,000
Monthly Payment: $299 (includes 6% sales tax)
Cash Due at Signing: $1250
MSD: $2100
Incentives: $5000 lease cash, $750 loyalty rebate

Months: 24
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: 0.00180 (bumped up 0.0005 after waiving acquisition fee)
Residual: 65.81% (67% adjusted for 3150 loaner miles)

Region: Midwest
Leasehackr Score: 14.6 years

PM me for dealer details and contact info. They have decent inventory of 2018 3 series loaners as well as brand new models.


Wow nice deal congrats.

You know fot a fact you can apply OL to a loaner? I thought it only applied to new cars

Holy mother, they’re throwing 4-5K on the hood for these?

Good work.

Nice job…post pics in trophy garage

Yes, if I had an OL code it would have applied to this deal. Unfortunately, the next driving event in Detroit is in June, and I couldn’t get the code prior to attending.