Signed: 2018 BMW 330e loaner - MSRP $52,995, $0 DAS, $330/mo



As always, thanks to this forum for the great content and direction. Would have been better with MSD’s but needed for another project. Solid deal overall, and wife love’s the car - there were BMW LED logo projectors installed that we didn’t know about and freaked her out at the grocery store last night - funny!

2018 BMW 330e loaner (2,483 miles)

**MSRP: $52,995
**Selling Price: $44,500
**Monthly Payment: $330.81 (incl. 9.5% tax)
**Cash Due at Signing: $0
**MSD: $0
**Incentives: ($6500, $1000 loyalty, $500 OL)

**Months: 24
**Annual Mileage: 10K
**MF: .00227 (waive acquisition fee)
**Residual: 66% (after mileage adjustment)

**Region: So Cal


From Crevier BMW? If so…

My quote for this one was $334 (tax included) for 24/10 without royalty :>


Where was this at? Having trouble finding a loaner and everything else is over $100 more right now :confused:


what’s the horsepower on this? if it’s something lame like 180 I think it’d be a waste of my money.
googling 2018 bmw 330e horsepower gives me a range of 180 to 320 so that’s why I am not sure


U tried bmw website?


that $0 DAS- WOW!


This is a solid deal, with usual drives offs you would be well under 300.


Crevier in Santa Ana - Hernan was the sales rep. Great to deal with, completely transparent, and had everything ready as discussed when I got there. I highly recommend him if you can find the right car there.


That’s almost a unicorn, great deal and congratulations on your new ride.