Signed: 2018 Audi S4 Premium Plus Lease (SoCal)


MSRP: $58,920
Exterior: Glacier White
Seats: Magma Red
Selling price: $52,500 (10.9% off MSRP)
Rebates: $4,000 (Lease cash bonus, Audi Loyalty)
Total drive-offs: $2,000 (1st month payment, $895 acquisition fee, ~$600 Lic. & Reg. fees, Doc fees)
Lease term: 36/7.5k
MF: 0.00064
RV: 58%
Monthly payment: $462.3 before tax ($498.13 after 7.75% tax)

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Looks like a great deal overall; but for an Audi in particular, it’s hell of a deal. I’d love to be able to replicate it - I’ve seen S3’s and A4 on here with similar or higher payments.

How do you like the car?

The car is awesome!
“Still trying to figure out what the differences the Audi Adaptive Damping sports suspension is bringing comparing to Audi Drive Select.”

dynamic mode will stiffen the suspension, comfort mode will loosen it. I’m an Audi Product specialist.

So what’s the benefit if any for the ADS? Thanks in advance.

the benefits is that in comfort mode you will have better abortion of bumps and in dynamic a stiffer ride for cornering

Nice… under 1% on a S4!

So it seems that with ADS, on top of Drive Select, it provides wider range of suspension settings.