Signed - 2018 328d Xdrive Loaner - $149/mo incl tax with $81 in Total Drive Off (+$1050 MSD)


Wow you must have put money down :joy:

Interesting tactic. Hunt down unicorn deals, collect on high Vroom payouts until you can afford to lease an X7 for the price of a Cruze.

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huh? so these leases still available or no? I thought they ended last month. Just curious as its an outstanding deal. Congrats!

Lease support for 2018 units has only been extended to Southern California (as I understand it).

This is a shame, as I had a couple of other deals pending that I just couldn’t close in time. One was an '18 i3s and the other a nicely equipped ‘regular’ '18 i3. Both of those cars were brand new, and I am certain would have ended up being even LESS than this deal. (And, “no,” of course I do not need another two cars, but at these prices…)

I have noticed that BMW incentives are slightly weaker on the West Coast, but this month’s lower money factor should make up any difference.

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I’d be interested in hacking an 18 3er if I hadn’t already had a nice long “test drive” in a G20 Loaner…it’s ruined me…

But these diesels seem like nice little numbers with their hot incentives.

Wow! Amazing job!

I did check my friend unit. As of now $8k negative equity.

I talked to the BMW dealer in Dallas and 2018’s are no longer available for the lease specials!!!

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In Dallas area 2018’s are no longer leaseable!

This is an amazing car. I am in Fairfield. Want to teach me how to get a deal like this?

…Stamford here. What @theleica said - or even close!

I can still lease 2018 3 series in Ohio :wink:

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If anyone can give me this lease deal in SoCal. I ll take it. This is stellar.

Ask for broker to try to replicate but you can do it yourself if you learn the tricks of the trade.

Just Ohio or any other region too? Curious as Im in FL.

im interested if 18s are still leasable. please PM me

I believe in FL it can still be leased

Any chance of replicating this in MA?


No 18 lease support in MA outside of M3 which there are none remaining

any idea if there is any lease support on 2018 in Florida? If not, which 2019 BMW gets the best support in May? Thanks in advance.