Signed - 2018 328d Xdrive Loaner - $149/mo incl tax with $81 in Total Drive Off (+$1050 MSD)


I never thought we could ever come close to our deal from last year on a brand new 2017 i3 Rex at an effective 24/10 lease payment of $128/mo incl tax - then we took delivery of this guy last week…:

2018 BMW 328d XDrive loaner (3,277 miles)

Saved Numbers on Leasehackr Calculator:

**MSRP: $50,350.00
**Selling Price: $38,724.00 (>23%)
**Monthly Payment: $149.46 including 6.35% Sales Tax (x23 months)
**Cash Due at Signing: $81 (Incidentals & to bring payment under $150) + $1050 MSD
**MSD: 7 (max - of course)
**Incentives: $5,000 lease + $1,000 loyalty + $1,000 Full OL code (Local BMW of Ridgefield event) + $125 ‘Mystery Bonus’ (Dealer error?) = $7125 total

**Months: 24 months
**Annual Mileage: 12k per year

**MF: .00192 (After max MSD)
**Residual: 64.57 % (Loaner)
**Region: NY Metro (CT)
**Leasehackr Score: 30 Years

Well equipped - we love the car!

Yep: We are driving a $50k BMW sedan for less than $150/mo. Going with only 10k/year would have dropped it into the mid $120s, and this month’s lower money factor would have dropped it another $10 or so! Just insane.

The Adjusted Cap Cost was $32,721, against a residual value of $32,511. I guess this means I probably left around $210 on the table… :slight_smile: (Something to work on for next time around)


This is a sick deal. Congratulations!

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that’s a ridiculous deal!!! Congrats! :boom:

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Congratulations! Great deal.

Can we still lease 2018 BMW?
I thought it was only for SoCal.


Nope - grabbed it right before the closing bell…


Ahh! Good Job.


This is nuts.

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That’s a good deal. Great job on getting that.

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Great haul!!!

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Congrats! Is the drivers door ajar in that picture?

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Thats just insane. Congrats ! Wanna switch with my $148 Encore :stuck_out_tongue: As incentive, you will get 15000 miles for next 10 months :smile:

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:unicorn: Alert :rotating_light:!!!


Cherry ride at a cherry price!

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Think the door may be repainted? :slight_smile:


Great deal. Wow. These are the ones we are all chasing!


Jesus … you guys have microscopic eyesight lol.

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Michael does. I checked it out after reading his post.


Wow. Finally a :unicorn:


I immediately saw the mismatched doors, but I think it’s just the light reflecting.

That’s an insane deal. Jeeze, and I thought the $200 3 series deals were unicorn :unicorn:

Insane deal.


I see what appears to be mismatched panels all the time in pics. No idea why pics of cars so often come out that way.