Signed: 19 BMW 440i GC M Sport - $383


My first lease, be gentle :slight_smile:
Learned so much from this forum!

MSRP: $59,075
Selling Price: $51,680 (new car, 12.5%)
Monthly Payment: $** 383
Cash Due at Signing: $925 acq. + taxes
MSD:2800 (7 x 400)
Incentives: $8250 ($5250 lease credit - it’s $500 lower in my region, $2500 Owners, $500 OL)
Months: 30 (price for 36 was similar, but this way it ends late December for end of year deals)
Annual Mileage:12k
MF:0.00165 before reduction, 0.00130

Score: Around 9.x because of taxes in TX otherwise 10.x

Paid taxes, license MSDs and $925 upfront. Best I could do after checking almost every major dealer in the state.

Looked at service loaners but inventory was sparse at most dealers within a few hours. The best I could do was 15%, 12.5% on New seemed better.


can you give a calculator url? Thx!

Unless it was a recent delivery there was at least another $1,250 of meat left on this bone. Good work though and enjoy the car!

Hey Electric whats the secret when negotiating with dealers

There’s so many factors to this I couldn’t even begin to explain. In short though, Don’t go in there making demands and acting like a horse’s ass.


I’ll get a calculator link later tonight.

Was the $1250 in the price of the car or somewhere else? Rebate is $5250 for my zip and not $5750. Also didn’t include $500 from CCA.

My first lease and the lowest I could get after contacting 10 dealers so I’m pretty happy. Just curious how do better next time.

Selling price.

Here’s my calculator link:
440i GC Calculator

I had a tough time with Texas dealers. The next closest was 2% higher and this deal came a few days before end of month. Dealer didn’t mess around with games or tried to mark up the MF etc. So I didn’t push. Inventory was also getting sparse as far as colors/options.

Good to know it wasn’t terrible for my first lease. Score would have been higher if it wasn’t for taxes, and my wife absolutely didn’t want the 5-series (which had tax credits).

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