Sierra 1500 Denali 2023 (5.3L) Dealer Purchase Offer

I have a friend who bought a Yukon with a 5.3 liter.
I gave him crap about it but he was happy with it. It was his family hauler so he didn’t care much.

The 5.3 is a decent enough motor and it’s been around forever. I personally would’ve went with the 6.2 for a half ton Denali. Having the additional power is worth it imo, and it will likely have better resale. I’m not a fan of the small diesel motors.

That 5.3L 1/2 ton will be just fine hauling all of those fire sale air fryers, shower curtains and framed faux art posters from the local and soon to be closing Bed, Bath and Beyond in your neighborhood strip mall.


I got 9k off of msrp. I basically got all the options for free. Im not worried about resale. I can trade it in after 3 years or most likely keep it till the end of its life which is why I purchased it. 6.2 woulda been nice but overkill for my needs

-$50 for no steering lock, lmao what is 2023.


This one is comin from Mex!


Lets be honest you are just mad at Toyota’s finance rates and vehicle prices.

My local GMC dealer advertises these deals you are getting. You didn’t accomplish anything out of the ordinary.

Now if you got the original vehicle you were after(Tundra TRD Pro) for less than msrp, then that is impressive.

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How did you go from the $5k off in your first post to $9k off?


Lmao. Toyotoa build quality is lacking. Too many cosmetic issues. Btw. He wasn’t giving it below msrp. He was asking msrp +2k for his fee. So all in would put you over msrp through market addendum. Truck all In including the stupid 2k fee was 75k+TTL. Over 72 months including interest rates was coming out to 101k. You can go buy that and it be worth 30k after 5 years. Please do that.

Not trying to add fuel to the fire but show us a 5 year old Toyota truck chassis vehicle for less than $30k especially any TRD Pro. I think the TRD Pro was the better choice but id never complain about having to drive a Denali.


Lol but you knew all that and agreed to it, he didn’t say pay me and I’ll tell you the price and fee later. I’m done.


Look, this guy has argued back and forth in several threads now with a bunch of people. Honestly, not worth it.



Lol. Do some research man.

Steve, get a life man

Retail is asking 38. Dealer wont give you more than 30k for it

You got your credit ran, but aren’t sure about the vehicle yet?

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The cheapest TRD Pro on within all miles of my zip with less than 100k miles. Its 4 years old and has one accident. Do you really want to argue about depreciation on a Tundra.

2nd only behind the Tacoma. Msrp for a 2019 TRD Pro started at $52k. That former owner really regretted his purchase… Out of curiosity how much did the mandatory Onstar subscription service cost?


OP, Toyota’s build quality is lacking? Cosmetic issues? Things that clearly aren’t to annoy you but you paid the broker fee anyway?

getting a new car is supposed to be exciting and fun. If you’re not getting the help you need here or don’t like the crowd or the comments, just ignore the forum. You’re bringing unnecessary grief upon yourself


They are never negotiable



Its supposed to be. But dealing with this specific broker hasnt been remotely easy or fun unfortunately. Hes been a money hungry person