Sick deal on a BMW 328i xD GT

MSRP: $56,500 (around there, don’t want to give out exact details yet)
Sales Price: $45,055
20% off MSRP
Taxed Incentives: $2,500 (loyalty and corp fleet)
Acquisition Fee: 925
Miles/yr: 10k
Residual: 69%
Months: 24
Money Factor: .00174 (marked up to the max I know, but they refuse to even talk about the MF)
MSD: 7
Money Factor after MSD and corp fleet discount: 0.00105
Document Fee: 80
License/Registration Fee: 450 (They said it would be a few bucks within that range)
Sales Tax: 8%
Monthly Payment (w/tax): $300 even
Drive Off: $3,500 (around, msds, and drive off fees)
Rolling Acquisition Fee into the lease.

Overall I think this is a sick deal, I went with my mom to the dealership today to work something out and this is what we resulted at, we ended up leaving because we wanted to see if they would budge on the MF markup before she signs.

So what do you guys think of this deal?

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What year is the vehicle?

24/10k deals can be had but you’re still at an ultra mileage lease.

It’s a 2016, my mom only has a 3ish mile commute to work and she usually never drives anywhere out of town so she actually drives less that 10k a year, so its perfect for her.

My opinion:
Sales price: great.
MF: bad
Overall: still very good…

Check how much cheaper it would be with base MF (.00085 with the MSDs).
It may be such a small difference that you may ignore that “bad” MF.

Plus, if you follow this forum, you have beat the 1% rule by a lot!

New car or demo w/miles? What state?

Agreed, it looks like an excellent deal. Nice discount off MSRP. This is the type of discount we should all swing for - 20%. MSRP is really for entertainment purposes only.

Looks solid to me. If this was a demo you’d be getting more off the car but for 0 miles this is good.

For reference my salesman got a demo 335i GT 2016 for himself and he’s paying $225/month incl taxes, min drive-offs.

New car, California. Mom got a call this morning from the sales manager asking why she didn’t buy the car yesterday, she said the MF didn’t look right and she knew they were marking it up, he said he would look into it and call her back in an hour or two. He called her back about an hour later saying that he would discount the car more to make up for the MF, I am curious to why dealers are more keen on discounting a car more to offset a MF markup, rather than just put the base MF in? Anyone know why?

Anyways, she just signed on this deal…

MSRP: $56,570
Sales Price: $44,333
22% off MSRP
Taxed Incentives: $2,500 (loyalty and corp fleet)
Acquisition Fee: $925
Miles/yr: 10k
Residual: 69%
Months: 24
Money Factor: .00174 (marked up to the max I know)
MSD: 7
Money Factor after MSD and corp fleet discount: 0.00105
Sales Tax: 8%
Monthly Payment (w/tax): $260 even
Drive Off: $3,100 (around, msds, and drive off fees)
Rolled Acquisition Fee into the lease.

I’m kinda jealous of that payment, I could get 2 of those cars for what i’m paying for my 550i, but i need to keep reminding myself that mine was an exec demo and I didn’t qualify for loyalty at the time lol…

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@willwar14 I can’t even believe these negotiations you are successfully executing –

What dealer? Maybe some can replicate this deal

Maybe i’m reading this wrong but I can provide proof of what i’ve negotiated with these dealerships, if anyone would like to see it or try to get a dealer to match, please PM and ill send it to you, I just don’t feel comfortable posting it publically and I don’t think the dealer would appreciate it that much…

Edit: I don’t think the dealer would appreciate me calling them out on a public forum after giving us what I consider a STEAL of a deal.

How much does the Corp fleet dicount affrct the mf?
My dealer only showed a $1000 incentive ( that could not be used at same time as my us as discount or BMWCCA).

The corp fleet discount depends on what series/line car are getting, its listed here:
and it has a 0.00020 discount on MF, i’ve been told this by a few dealers…

I think that was meant as a compliment…congrats on your 550i and your mom’s 3GT, well done x2

wow, what a sweet deal! I don’t think I would qualify for the incentives, but I’d be so tempted to get that if I could get it for 260! How much of the drive offs are MSDs?

@willwar14 that was a compliment! My bad if you took it the wrong way.

I posted my Maserati paperwork somewhere around here. I don’t think the dealer minds as there is no NDA or confidentiality on lease documents (as far as I know, not a lawyer). Even if you post it, they worst thing the dealer can do is say they can’t do that deal for the next person but you referred them a potential new customer.

I am sorry, how are you liking your Maserati? I was thinking about getting one if the Anaheim Hills dealership decides to do another blowout…

More of a Porsche guy (however, will purchase a used 911 & not lease) but pleasantly surprised by the Maserati – starting the car always makes you smile as you hear the roar. Your 550i will probably have more options as my Ghibli is the “base” model … so coming from your 550i, it will seem “less” at the same monthly (~$565/mo with tax). Some people don’t like the Chrysler Jeep buttons and infotainment system but I think they are fine and much better (understand that I am coming from a Porsche 911 which is a very different car). I have low expectations from anything non-porsche :frowning: so I am pretty happy with my Ghibli, probably due to the deal more than anything :slight_smile:

BTW, they posted the blowout on Facebook … once it hits, they go fast

Sent u pm… In the market as well