Should I walk away? frustrated 2018 BMW 320i Quote, NC

Should I walk away from this? I mean I know its bad compared to all the other deals that people on this forum have gotten but I don’t know if I should even try to renegotiate or just walk away. I have other cars and two other bmw dealership in mind since its only a couple of hours drive.

Charlotte NC 28217
2018 BMW 320i 10k miles/36 months
MSRP: 40,400
Rebates:3,750 (2,000 lease cash, 1,000 graduate, 750 loyalty)
MF: .00196 ( yeah i know)
Downpayment: $3500
Monthly: $359 all taxes, tags, and fees included.

I mentioned I am eligible for
Lease cash: $3,000
Loyalty: 750
Graduate: 1,000
Fleet: 500
OL Test Drive: 1,000

I told them I wanted 3,000 pure dealer discount before any incentives with base MF but they wouldnt budge. They told me they will do 3,000 dealer discount with marked up .00196MF. I said sure I may be okay with, assuming all my incentives are good. When I mentioned all the incentives, they started telling me almost all of the incentives can be stacked, that the lease cash is only 2,000, that the 3,000 discount already included the corporate fleet when I specifically asked for 3,000 discount before incentives, that the test drive OL cant be combined with other programs, that the corporate fleet incentive cant be stacked with other programs either.

So they are “honoring” the 3,000 dealer discount but only giving me 750 loyalty, 2,000 lease cash, and 1,000 graduate rebates.

We have been back and forth for a while but that quote was the last one and they are telling me that they are at the end of their rope. I kinda of feel like this just isn’t for me.

Please let me know what you guys think. Thanks.

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