Should I pull the trigger >>> 2019 Audi Q5 Premium Plus 36/10 lease

First time leasing and I am looking for a rare trim… there are only two or three in SoCal.

Here’s the numbers:
MSRP $53605
Cap Cost $46700
RV 52%
Max MSDs $5175
Adjusted MF .00002
D/O $1500
Monthly Payment $529 + tax

The broker gave me the breakdown: $895 bank fee, $85 doc fee and $670 license fee. He said total drive off includes 1st payment, bank fee and registration that I don’t have to pay more than $1500. But the numbers don’t add up??

I already missed the Summer of Audi sale due to previous broker lagging. Is 12.9% a good discount? Should I take advantage of the quarter end or wait till next month’s new lease program? There’s no extra service charge for the broker and he stated this is the best special he can do.

Thanks in advance for any feedback!!!

leasehackr calculator

what’s so rare about this, Q5 P+ is the most in stock vehicle for audi dealers…

15% is where the Q5 needs to be to offset the low residual, you’re in a dead zone period with incentives so if you can wait, it may make sense to do so until the holiday event. The risk is the unit sells or the numbers change to your disadvantage. If this is a deal a broker brought you and they are saying this is the best they can get, what is your alternative?


indeed there are tons of Q5 but most of them have the old style dark brown walnut wood inlays which i dislike very much

sad to hear the dead zone period for incentives even for quarter end. do you know if audi’s holiday event is typically in november or decembere? i have an old car which i can spend a couple hundreds to fix and last for a while, so i’m not really in a rush - it’s just hard to find the trim i want. i guess i’ll have to take the risk. thanks for responding!

It starts November 1st. Tell them you want 15% in the meantime, otherwise you’ll just wait and keep looking. Might be a long shot but you never know.

You can do a little better. I paid $580 for my Q5 3.0T per month. It was the fully loaded version.

Dang. That’s a high car payment.

Hello. Have you ever seen discount as high as 15%. Long beach area dealers are only offering between 10-11%.

15% is unlikely this month. All Q5’s with convenience package or higher trim have received a $1500 credit on the MSRP. So your 53k MSRP was most likely 55k+ last month.

MF cannot be lower than .00005 even with MSDs.


3.0T Q5 hasnt been available since 2017…


Body Styles, Trim Levels, and Options

The 2014 Audi Q5 is a compact luxury crossover available in four trim levels that correspond to engine: 2.0T Premium, 3.0T Premium Plus, 3.0 TDI Premium Plus and 2.0T Hybrid Prestige.


Thanks for your input! And all dealers accept MSDs instead of a down? What do you think would be the highest % discount for Q5 this month and next?

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What does a 2014 q5 have to do with anything?


Next month would be a guess, I’ll take a look at this tomorrow and see what’s possible.


Here’s the numbers from my broker this month. I used the lease calculator and the numbers don’t add up - monthly payment should be $486 but he said monthly payment is $509 +tax. He doesn’t have a separate charge for broker fee, so I’m wondering if he’s getting $509-$486=$23 a month for his service? That’d be a whopping $828 for broker fee… any suggestion would be greatly appreciated!

MSRP: 53970
Selling Price: 46300
Term: 36/10
Residual : 52%
MF: .00031
Rebate: 750
Total MSD: 3600
Due at signing: 1500 (including 1st payment, bank fee and registration) + 3600
Monthly Payment $509 + tax

You have no registration/gov fees in your calculator

That’s the part I am confused too. Total drive off is $1500, he said that includes everything - 1st payment, bank fee and registration. But all the fees he told me plus1st month payment sum up more than $1500.
$895 bank fee
$85 doc fee
$675 license fee

Your calculator has two obvious flaws, the 750 should be under taxed incentives. Also, the MF can be at a minimum .00005.

So some of the fees are being rolled into the payment, which is what makes the payment higher

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