Should I Pay Dealer to Complete Buy Process

I have a 2018 Kia Cadenza and lease is on extension. I want to buy car. The process to do it on my own seems difficult. The dealer will do the whole deal for a “mere” $1000. Any thoughts. Is this negotiable with the dealer. How hard is it do in New Jersey?

More to this than OP.

Will you finance?
Do you have it lined up or want dealer to do it?
What is captive finance company saying?
What is current buy out?
What is dealer sales price?

I have a Kia store I can connect you with to do it for $500, shoot me a PM if you want.

It is absolutely negotiable.

I can pay cash or finance no difference to me
KIA finance has steps to buy…sounds like a hassle and too old to bother.
Buyout is total of 19,000K

thanks sent you a message

I never knew to buy out your car at the end of lease would cost hundreds and even a $1000. This is just ridiculous. Fees for everything.

What is the absolute lowest fees for buying out your lease have people paid??

Anyone have any figures??

$0. Log on to your account with the lessor and pay them the price of the vehicle.

It’s not always an option and often when it is an option, if you ask a dealer to be involved in a transaction they don’t need to be involved in, you shouldn’t be surprised when they want to get paid for the work they don’t have to do.

I paid $15 for the FedEx return of the title, otherwise did it myself. It was a pain with all the paperwork and the cashiers checks I needed. But for $1,000, I’d much rather do it myself.

Audi required me to go thru a dealer. I was also shocked at some dealerships greed, especially as I was willing to give them the financing. Keeping it short term anyway so interest paid was very minimal.

Anyway shopped it and found a dealer willing to charge me 0$ on the strength of getting the financing.

For my Mazda (via Chase) went through Chase directly and obviously paid 0$ to a dealer as none was involved. Chase even provided a FedEx prepaid label so that was free too. Oh you might have to pay to have some docs notarized. We have a notary at the office so that was free too. :slight_smile:

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