Should I lease or finance 2022 QX60 / MDX (former mechanic) in this market

Hi everyone,

Ive been doing rough math here and financially it seems more logical to finance my next vehicle. Or is it better to lease then buy out after the three years?

Im looking at either the Autograph QX60 and the Advance(or TypeS) MDX 2022 models when they release. Leaning heavily on the Autograph (due to the auto safety features), also biased towards Nissan.

I would like honest feedback on which route I should go. I know the market these days I should anticipate to pay full MSRP but ultimately, in the end, I want to own the vehicle after the 36-39months & have some vehicle equity.

Currently Acura has allowed me to extend my lease for another 6 months & stated I can extend once more for an additional 6months after (but they could retract their second offer depending on the market).

Some background info I leased a G37AWD (fell in love with AWD since then), jumped into a Q40 then an RDX (all base AWD models). In all three models I’ve roughly only put 7,000 miles a year on each car, which makes me feel like Im losing whenever I return it. Ive also never wanted to purchase the car at end of lease since I knew I was going to return it hence getting the base model.

Ive always leased my daily vehicles besides my first car the 04 Maxima which I still own.

Thanks in advance!

Preliminary lease numbers on the qx60 in the upper trims are painfully high. Do you plan to pay through the nose or are you hoping to wait a year and see where things go?


I saw in your other post that you are considering 20% down for financing. Since you are not driving much and putting more money upfront is not a problem, I’d lease MDX advance and do a 1-pay to reduce MF by .0008 which should save you some good amount of money in rent charge.

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I could wait a year but I rather use the money on the current RDX lease toward the new car that ill eventually own.

I saw the other post on the QX60 preliminary numbers on the autograph and they do seem high but align with what other market rate cars in the $65k range go for & if I do want to own this car it’ll all even out in the end no? I was considering leasing first during this bubble then see in three years which would ultimately push me into buying out the lease. Also these are two new model redesigns & I’ve never seen much discounts. Ive seen more markups (ie. it was much cheaper to get an MDX(before the redesign) than the new RDX when the RDX was recently released). There was also a special at my dealer where the new redesigned MDX was $15 cheaper per month with $1000 less on deposit.

My other fear is by next year the dealers will have caught on and will now feel comfortable having such huge leverage on new car buyers that there wont be much room to negotiate. Same thing happened when gas saw a spike in the 60s and never returned, many trends are following this supply and consumer demand. Houses were incredibly cheap last summer and now they’ve inflated in the last 12months.

The only way to answer that question is to actually run the numbers.

The mdx was very expensive when the new gen came out, but prices have started to come down. It’s going to take the qx60 a while to catch up.

Hey everyone!

Im considering on returning my current lease and jumping into a larger car lease, but had a question regarding security deposits to lower my monthly.

My last two leased cars has been in large auto accidents (rear ended & hit while parked by a garbage truck), but none were enough to have it totaled.

Acura was willing to extend my current lease by another 6 months and I can add an additional 6months after that before I have to return my car.

Long story short if I put down 10 security deposits and later down the line my lease gets totaled do I get my security deposits back? Obviously, I won’t be putting down any down payments when I sign.


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Yes, you get your security deposits back. The exemption would likely be if you had a toyota/Mazda lease and didn’t get gap coverage; your msd amount may be used to cover any gap there.


And in NY, I’m sure you know that any deal with MSDs has to be done outside NY State, and even then some brands won’t allow it. But it’s possible, and as Matt said you’d get them back.


I take it MSD means (multiple security deposits)

Also I cant go into my local NYC dealer and request to add MSD to my lease?

Im considering the new 2022 QX60 (but I’m leaning towards financing it with 20% down). I know in this market its a bad decision but if I can get MSRP I can keep this for 6+ years then sell privately. Perhaps I should put this in a different post.

I do appreciate both feedbacks! Thank you

Correct: NY state law that prevents it

Maybe @aronchi knows but I think IFS is one (like Lexus) that even if you lease outside NY, MSDs (yes multiple security deposits) can’t be applied.

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They can’t. Also why would ANYONE consider the new qx60, which will be selling for over list for quite some time, if the qx55 is any indication?


Thanks I did not know about the NYS law.

Also did not know Infiniti had sold the QX55 over MSRP even knowing it came with a CVT.

Would it be better to factory order a QX60 from a local dealer? Make a quick sale

If you want a decent deal on a qx60, the only answer is to wait.


MDX has $1k loyalty incentive and that’s on top of any dealer discount that you can get. Acura also offers additional cash for finance if you go with their standard APR. for example, 2020 MDX had $5500 cash to go with 4.x% APR. the trick was to refinance with a lower rate after purchase. You can check with Edmunds what finance options are available for 2022 MDX.

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Why not buy out the RDX and buy yourself some time that way? Pretty sure it’s worth more than payoff given the current marketplace.


The intent was to buy out the 2018 RDX since I currently only have 23k miles on it. Unfortunately during the pandemic I parked it on a corner and a garbage truck took out the entire front drivers side & pushed it up the sidewalk (roughly $6800 in damages). The fear is if I bought out my RDX my resale would be impacted regardless of miles due to the severity of the damage which was repaired.
Buyout option is $21xxx and KBB shows one similar at $24xxx un damaged, Carvana offered me $16xxx.

I want to avoid the MDX mainly because in my family & friends, everyone has an MDX…
I don’t want to have the family driveway look like an Acura dealership everytime we get together.
Its also a very Korean car especially in white, almost like a status symbol that you made it to everyone in the supermarket parking lot. I know I’m Korean lol

The MDX Advance only caught my attention due to the surround view camera, which would be perfect for my fiance.

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