Should I keep the C300 or change models or brand?

My lease will be up in November, and I am thinking of doing a the pull forward because, I am 6k over my mileage. I am averaging 1050 miles a month in miles.

Would you change your current lease to the same model or switch brands?

The 2015 c300 model is the same as the 2017 and 2018. :frowning:

What do you think of the CLA, C300, Q50 or IS?

Honestly, there are no cars out now that give me the WOW factor. I really want the best deal so I can get out this jam I am in. I am practically paying to drive my car.

First time leasing and did a bad job of selecting mileage.

This website has not updated it with any lease specials.

You can’t pull forward if you’re changing brands. Unless you want to eat the negative equity.

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That’s what everyone on here does too. What do you expect?


You’re one of the lucky ones. I AM paying to drive my car.


Website doesn’t necessarily update with lease specials. The registered dealers often post deals through the month.

Take one out of my wifes playbook, she drives, I pay. Get married!


Do the pull ahead now since you’re already over miles and get a c300 or cla loaner to replace with more miles. It’s really not about your Fuzzy WOW feeling, the objective is to get you out of the hole you’re in. You’re lucky MB offers a pull ahead so take advantage and lease with more miles this time


Yes, I am to the point where I just want a car to take me out of this mess. The broker was trying to get me in a Q50. He will run the numbers again and compare the two for me again.
Th last time he checked the q50 was less monthly with me adding what I owed to it versus MB giving me three months. but that was in Jan… He is working on the numbers for me now.

When I said paying to drive my car, I meant I am over mileage, so I have to pay .25 for every mile.