Should I extend my lease?


I’m currently leasing a 2017 GMC Acadia SLT-1 and I have 2.5 months to go. Thanks to Covid, I’m at 27k of 36k miles, so I might have equity. MSRP was $43k and after negotiations, rebates, and $1k down, I pay $335/mo.

3 row SUVs in Omaha are in low supply. I’ve visited a few dealers and am getting quotes of $100-250/mo higher. Should I keep my car a few extra months to let dealer supply grow? Or are there good deals on a similar size/options vehicle that I’m missing? I’m not brand loyal. I got the GMC thanks to Costco’s fall GM deal.

Thoughts? Go now if I have equity, or wait to lease end, or extend lease?

Problem with a good amount of dealerships right now, there are multiple factors you should take into consideration such as vehicle condition, tire wear, registration etc. If it makes sense to extend the lease then I would recommend doing so probably till December if not longer. You mentioned being quoted over 100 perhaps try contacting a broker on here and see what type of deals you might recieve.

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Try that first. If it doesn’t work out, buy yourself more time by extending.

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