Should I buy out my 24m lease 9mos in?

I leased a 2021 Tacoma in May of 2021 before pricing got crazy. I’ve put myself into a position now where I need a truck for towing. At this point, I’m worried about what would happen if the vehicle is totaled and I have to buy/lease at the now significantly higher price point. I’m overall happy with the Tacoma and would buy it out if the lease was ending tomorrow. Just trying to decide pros/cons of continuing to lease end vs just buying it out now.

How does buying it out now help you there?

If anything tow with the banks transmission not yours… As long as you’re not exceeding the tow limits you will be fine.


If I own it and it gets totaled, I’ll be reimbursed based on current market value and theoretically “made whole” with zero out of pocket (Yeah, I know the realities don’t fully align with that, but you get the idea). If it’s a lease, I believe TFS gets a check and my lease is ended. Then I get to go find a new vehicle at MSRP + $2k.

I don’t believe that TFS handles it that way.

How many cars have you totalled?!?