Should I buy out my 2019 BMW 530i x drive? NYC


I leased the car in September 2019. 36 months, 10K miles a year. It was a demo car with an odometer of around 3500, and I will be at about 40K miles when returning the lease (0.25 per mile overage). I recently just found this forum, and leased my car back in 2019 by walking straight into a dealership. They offered me a demo car.

Adjusted capitalized cost - $49,143.73
Residual value - $35,603.25
Monthly payment has been $499

The dealership has sent me a letter asking to come in and discuss a car upgrade. They are offering to waive my disposition fee of $350 and my overage penalties.

Anyone know if my best option is to turn the car back in, and get a new lease deal? Or do i just buy it out? I am new to this. So any feedback appreciated.

The first thing to do is see if you have any equity in your current car. Get a few quotes from Carvana, Vroom, Carmax, etc. and compare that to your current payoff.

If you do have equity then the last thing you want to do is just turn it back in. If you don’t have any equity then it’s really a personal decision of whether to just buy it and keep it or turn it in and get something new.

Just keep in mind new deals are going to be way worse than what you could get in 2019. On a 530 most brokers are around 3-6% off depending if the car is ordered or not.

Whatever you do don’t talk to a dealer without doing a bit of research first.