Shortages Affecting Auto Production: Semiconductor, foam, etc

Yeah, I’m going off memory from when I received customer orders.

They renamed sensatec too. Don’t understand how you can think it’s okay that a 70k+ BMW doesn’t even have the option for real leather.

i keep all my plates with sticker. proof that’s how many cars i have gotten yet

It was available at the very beginning of MY 2023 but no word yet on when or if it’ll be returning.

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Does it feel any different? i had real leather in my m340 and have sensatec in my x5 and cant tell the difference…also i was reading the real leather may be gone till the facelift for next year

Nitra, Slovakia is not affected (Defender)


UK auto production started collapsing well before the COVID-19 pandemic. this occured at a time when US auto production was largely stable. I’d suspect another consequential event in recent British history might be more to blame for some of the production issues.

Better access to EU (and for now US markets), cheaper labor, cheaper land and utilities. Not much surprise why this is the plant they dedicate more resources to.

TL:DR - blaming chip shortages is an easy way to continue their ongoing gradual reduction in UK operations.

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The main reason here is they keep churning out the most popular trucks: Defenders in Slovakia and RRs in the UK.

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Extended merino returns to the X5 40i for January allocations, as does the luxury seating package.


Good to see, I figured it was gone for good till LCI.