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I recently got a bmw and have to move states due to new job. Driving is an option but it’ll take a bit of time. So need to move the car in an enclosed container. Moving from Walnut Creek (94596) to Plainfield, Illinois (60544). Was wondering if anyone know of any shipping company they can recommend. Online I’m seeing too many options just don’t know who to rely on. Would appreciate if anyone can give any recommendation.



I’ve used Nations Auto Transport several times, service is outstanding for both open and enclosed.

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When I shipped my Camaro from Oklahoma to South Florida I used Montway Auto Transport & the car arrived in one piece. The car shipping business is a whole other world in itself. Montway is one of the bigger companies. I did see some mixed reviews on them so I was concerned. Reliable Carriers is one of premier shippers of high end cars but they are quite pricey.

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ask @Benedetto


I need to ship an expensive new vehicle from MD to GA. I’ve heard good things about Horseless Carriage, Intercity, and Plycar as they are official shippers for Porsche, Ferrari, Bentley, Mecum etc. I’ve used the brokers UShip and Montway before with no issues but for more “normal” cars.

Horseless $2500 enclosed
Intercity $1800 enclosed
Plycar $1660 enclosed
Brokers (UShip, Montway) $1100-$1200 enclosed

For the brokers or dealers that deal with high end cars, do you think there’s a difference between shipping companies or are most enclosed providers the same?

Yeah, I’ve heard good things about Reliable as well. They have nice trucks and are a known name, but it comes at a premium.

Many (new) vehicles are shipped to the dealership via open carrier fyi. Just food for thought.

Whats the car? Just curious.

Have you compared open carrier quotes? Might be best to just open carry and have them put a car cover on it or something

NSX Type S. Final production run ended so if anything happens, no way to replace, just repair.


I worked at one of the aforementioned premium brands and we used Intercity very often to move cars around, especially for auto shows/events. They and Reliable always had great service and were typically very similarly priced.

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Yea no way id risk open transport on that, i bet even manufacturer ships enclosed.

Yes, Acura has been using Reliable to ship NSXs to dealers.

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