Shipper to Ohio?


Guys - I need to send a car to Ohio, and the guy I usually use won’t deliver to this particular corner of Ohio. Have you used a reliable car carrier in the past that you can recommend? Thanks!!


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You got a guy and a #?

Small family owned business used by all the LR dealers near me

I don’t work directly w them but lots of my referrals do

Charlie from Mercury Auto Transport

That is his cell you can text him. I ship a lot of cars and he has always come through. Best pricing and great service in the numerous times I’ve used him.

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Thank you, I left them a vm.

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I have connected with him. I hope you’re right lol…i’m a little worried.

Haha ya the first time I was a little weary because of the company name. However, I have used him numerous times since that point and his service and pricing has been better than anyone I have ever dealt with. One time one of the transporters didn’t call back for 2 days before pick up and I told him I didn’t like the feeling I was getting. He switched it to another transporter and they picked it up the same day they were supposed to and it arrived a few days early. Best of luck!

How was your experience with mercury? Looking to ship a vehicle from Boston to Albuquerque.

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Text Charlie - absolutely seamless shipping. I will definitely use again.

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Thanks for the quick reply! Will reach out now.

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Glad it worked out for you!

It was seamless. But, dont forget, Charlie is just a middleman. A lot has to do with getting the right driver locked in. The one Charlie got me was fantastic. He drove for 12 hours straight to get that i8 out. And then he called me to tell me that he had people stopping him at rest areas and asking him to take pictures with the car because they had never seen one before.

Yes middleman but for some reason he tends to select winners and if there is an issue he is quick to make changes. You are getting his service which is the key…

Absolutely - I will send all of my shipping clients to him. The whole thing is a little too much for me to coordinate, but should be easily doable between him and a client.

Sounds right…

but thank you so much for the referral. when you get an i8 from me, i will eat the shipping cost :slight_smile:

No worries! Already got an i8, going to keep this in my back pocket for now, but will be contacting you on something at some point I’m sure…

I feel like everyone on this forum got one lol. i picked mine up 3 weeks ago and it’s the best decision ever.

Yes I think so…my grandma even got one… :joy::rofl: