Sharing a coupon for $2000 off on QX30

I am attaching a one time use coupon - $2000 off on QX30.
I am not in the market for QX30 so sharing it here for felow hackers.
Expires March 31st

I even have a PDF which states all details but I wasnt able to upload it here.
Please reply to this forum if you end up using it.


Thanks. It is not assugned to you? So just use the code at the bottom? Thanks though, pretty nice of you.

Can I ask where you got this? Email? or Mailer? Also, I think this code is a 1x use only and it probably is assigned

I don’t see how it’s assigned to me because I don’t see anything specific saying it’s assigned to my name when I read all terms and conditions.
That’s why I created a PDF and thought of uploading it. But I guess that’s not allowed here.

I got it in my email

I would totally use this if I could…

Does that make this lease sign and drive $299/mo.?

No better – the Cap Cost Reduction is 1700 so its another $7 off

you will have to plug in those numbers in calculator and add $2000 taxed incentives towards this coupon. That will give you the exact number.

heres what i have from a local dealership which i leased a q50 from in Jan

nothing negotiated so far, just numbers he sent over upon my request

I leased my QX30 a few weeks ago and took the advantage of this $2000 offer.

Based on the feedback from the GM, this is targeted, and not transferable - but the GM might be wrong.

Combine your numbers with the 2k discount and applying part of the 2k towards the 689.61 paid by customer, you would get an extra $15 off the monthly or around 265 for a 39 month with 0 drive off

Congratulations on the new car !

I dont see any name on that coupon PDF (email) that i have received.
I think it comes down to the dealership if they want to play the ball.

Yes, you’re probably right.

Mine came with email with my name all over, and the GM showed me how it works by typing in the coupon code on Infiniti FS online system to redeem.

My QX30 was nearly $45k or $46k due to LED package requirement, and some small options like mud flaps, and logo lighting near the door seal etc, and I paid $320 when signing. Nothing out of pocket, and the dealer took over my Q50 which had 4 months left. BTW, 9% tax here.

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Fastrack. thx for sharing.
Did the dealer take off additional $2,000 off the lowest negotiated price?
I also qualify for VPP so wanted to see how these discounts are stacked.

Wife’s lease ends in June so I was going to hold off but Infiniti’s March fiscal year end makes it pretty tempting. Dealers are giving 15~17% off on the QX30s w/out haggling so extra $2,000 + VPP would be fantastic.

Just wanted to see how/when you pulled out that $2,000 coupon on them.
For VPP I understand that, I’m supposed to haggle first then show the certs after.


Yes. I got the $2000 offer email a night before I sign the lease contract, and when I showed the email to the finance manager, he did ‘sigh’ but he did take out additional $2000 off from the lowest negotiated price after he contacted Infiniti HQ to verify because the offer was too new for them.

My monthly payment reduced about $35. Based on my calculation, I can haggle it down to $310/month, but I was just happy with $320/month, so I just signed. My Q50 was $319/month, so it is only a dollar higher than my old Q50.

Finance mgr did mention that they can stack it with VPP and we did look up my employer and my wife’s, but I know our companies are not VPP with Infiniti. My company is VPP with BMW/MINI and my wife’s company is with Bentley. Yes, Bentley. haha

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions. I am here to help! :slight_smile:

Not a bad deal… Which dealer?

Why did the $2k cert save you only $35/month? Shouldn’t it have been closer to $51 over 39 months?

With this advertised deal and the coupon, it will definitely be 51 a month off :slight_smile:

One of the dealers in PA