Share your 2022 XC60 Recharge Lease Numbers Please!


I would like to know if anyone has leased a 22 Volvo XC60 Recharge and if so, their deals!
Thanks! I’m hanging on to the Volvo brand for dear life through this Lease Slaughter.

FWIW, I got these numbers a few days ago on a NON-extended range. I haven’t tried to negotiate them…

MSRP: $68,200

Owner Loyalty: -$2000

Total: $66,200

MF: .00056

Residual: 56%

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What would that work out on a monthly payment?

Sorry, don’t know. I didn’t pursue when I learned that Pure electric only mode is limited to RWD.

didnt know there was non-extended range model

I think the 2022 has a longer range than the 2021, other than that I dont believe there are 2 ranges.

this website mentions it, but volvos website doesnt have it. to my knowledge

There are two major changes to the T8 Recharge hybrid system. First is its battery, which grows in size from 11.6 kWh (of which 9.1 kWh is usable) to 18.7 kWh (14.8 kWh usable). That ups the XC60 T8’s electric-only range from 19 miles to a much more usable 32 miles.

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There ya go. I was right.

but on volvos website the 2022 still has the 87hp version with 19 miles and 400 combined hp just like 2021

Maybe its a 2022 1/2 year model mid year cycle change.


The “Extended Range,” as some dealers are advertising it, are just now hitting the ground in the US. Its a pretty significant difference in electric range (19 miles vs 32 – about 65%) which could be very useful for an urban or close-in suburban owner.

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It should also have an adjusted federal tax credit, and possibly some of the state credits.

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am I the only one that likes it more for the performance boost :wink:

Nope. I drive a Polestar 2 and have a 2019 XC60. Wouldn’t mind upgrading the Volvo to a 22 Recharge and get similar performance!

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that would be great but the payments on a xc60 t8 are looking brutal… even loaners are 700+ all in

I didn’t look into polestar 2 yet but their online calculator has some decent numbers

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Got my 2022 PS2 back in October with a .001 MF and 56% residual… payment with zero DAS is 780. Fwiw

go ahead prove me wrong :laughing: I’ll take white over black with 21" wheels and bowers sound… NY 8.625% tax… 36/7500

How bad are we talking??? :flushed:

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extended range is on the volvo site now +$500 option