SF Bay Area Buick leases

Hi Everyone, I have been reading the forum for a while, but this is my first post.

I am trying to lease a buick enclave in the bay area, but am having serious issues finding a dealership that is good for this. The last dealer was not aware of the lease special listed on buick.com, and was unable to reproduce it in his system.

Is anyone aware of any dealerships that know how to lease a buick enclave? or are the numbers so bad that nobody would ever lease one anyway?

Enclave is supported by GMF. I can’t possibly imagine how a dealer ‘could not lease’ one.

I can structure an Enclave lease and I’m not affiliated with any dealer.

I’d look elsewhere if they can’t get this simple thing right.

To confirm, you’re not attempting to lease an 18, right? GM will only lease a 19.

Yes, a 2019 buick enclave.

I can only guess that you and the sales person were misunderstanding each other. Did you go in earlier today? If so, they probably didn’t have April numbers yet.

Try Moore in Los Gatos? They’re usually pretty straightforward to deal with.

No, it was pretty clear. and it was on March 31. but he was a nice guy, and I assume he meant well.

I would guess that the advertised car was for a base model. I would then guess that the dealership you went to had none and was therefore unable to reproduce it.

GM is still running March programs today I thought.

You are correct sir. 3/1-4/1. Makes even less sense then :rofl: