Service intervals for lease loaners

If I’m looking at a Volvo loaner which has been has been sitting on the lot for nearly a year (don’t know in service day yet), would I potentially be responsible for paying for the last service? Is there anything I should ask the dealer or get in writing before I sign?

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You could ask them to add 40,000 mile service to “we owe” sheet. However, just do the math in terms of loaner in-service date, mileage on vehicle, and lease term mileage.

Thanks, turned out the car was put on the road in January, so no problem.

Your lease is 7.5k/year, so do the math. Volvo covers 3 services, every 10k miles

I was worried if about the 1yr interval. If the car was put in service around this time last year it may have already had its first service and may be due the fourth right before lease return.

Not sure if that ever happens to anyone, but I couldn’t find any info and thought I may ask.

They should do first service when you buy
I had it done on mine at 5,500 miles. And inspection also

My “service your Volvo” indicator lit up, I have 3600 miles on it and it seems it was put in service in January, delivered to the dealer in October, and manufactured in August. I guess it doesn’t matter if it was a loaner or not, it seems to be a 1 year service based off the manufacturing date.

That could mean somebody leasing a previous model year car (>1yr since manufactured date) could potentially pay for the third service if the first one happened before they took delivery? Or does Volvo cover this somehow?