Service Demo lease - Porsche Macan(Starting at $599) - MACAN S(Just added 7/16/2020)

2019 Porsche Macan:
Taxes, DMV, Bank fee, 1st month due at sign

7500 miles: $599/mo
10K miles: $638/mo
12K miles: $668/mo

Lg_640 Tw_640

Images coming soon! If interested, reach out to me immediately!!!
Taxes, DMV, Bank fee, 1st month due at sign ($5000 - $6500 Due)
7.5K: $842/mo
10K: $879/mo
12K: $910/mo


I’m interested. What would be the exact downpayment and legal fees?
Is it a 3 yrs lease?
How much warranty and service coverage it has?
P.S.: I am in LA and I can pick up tomorrow.

Thanks for your reply.
Since it’s a demo, I really don’t want to get it before I check the car, and obviously I can’t come to NY.
Have a great day and thanks again for your prompt reply.

@fredyge94 I feel your pain man… Btw, a calculator would be very useful so that people can check their monthly according to their specific needs and situations

Any S models available or coming soon?

I get them once in a while but they usually sell in like 2-3 days.

Send me a message with your requirements and ill keep a lookout

I’m on Long Island. What kind of equipment colors do you have?

Just added a Macan S deal

At those prices why not purchase ? Financing would probably be what $100 more? Btw not trying to sound sarcastic/negative.

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Correct. A 72 month finance would be ~$1000/mo with $5000 due upfront on the Macan S

@fredyge94 i have passed your contact info to my friend in Nyc hopefully she gets one from you

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Thank you very much @Sharif

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Hi @fredyge94, hope all is well. I am interested in the 2019 Macan. How do I get in touch with you?


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I just sent you a message with my cell number