Sergio Marchionne, the CEO who saved Fiat and Chrysler, dies at 66

What do you think of his legacy?

results speak for themselves. many crappy cars, but at least the companies are saved.

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Either Chrysler or Fiat will follow him to the graveyard shortly

Alfa too, unfortunately.

Gigantic ego not backed by knowledge re how to fix his company. CEO of a company that needs some serious intelligent leadership. Sergio was always gunning to sell everything and get a $50 million dollar fee for retiring after the sale. Never invested the money needed to modernize and be truly competitive. The company is on a slow boat to China (ownership)…too bad…it could have been good.

Always tough when someone goes at what is now a young age.

He wasn’t always successful but he was willing to take big risks, something that you don’t often see in corporate leadership today. Probably a by the numbers manager doesn’t try to take on Chrysler.

He did save, at least temporarily, Chrysler/RAM/Jeep. If he hadn’t taken the gamble Chrysler was going to fold. Probably someone buys Jeep in the bankruptcy but hard to see the other two brands surviving it.

Is Chrysler going to survive the next 10 years? Not looking good right now.

We may see the Fiat brand exit the US market again shortly. Jeep is the jewel in the crown here in the US so it will survive but might end up owned by someone else.

Allegedly he listened to the crazies at Chrysler who said they wanted to build something called the Hellcat. What other car company now is selling batsh** crazy SUVs and cars? Now eliminate from that list companies that charge less than 100k for those crazy cars.

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