Separate the Marketplace

Seeing as numerous people are now putting up personal lease transfers it would probably be good to separate items into 2 sections.

  • Dealer/Broker Vehicle Deals

  • Individual/Personal Lease Transfers


You can filter by private transfer. Its filterable within the marketplace.

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But they still kind a bury broker deals well underneath the pile. Most of the private lease transfers are from people who have 1)non transferable leases, 2) Or leases that would keep original leasee on the hook and they have no clue about it. 3) ridiculous payments which noone here would bite on 4) just trying to save the swapalease fees.

I follow you, and agree that many fall into some of the categories you mentioned above, but not all do. The purpose of the marketplace is for all deals to be centered in one place. I don’t know that the goal of the marketplace should be to prioritize broker deals – there are plenty of bad broker deals, too, just as there are bad lease transfers (though generally they’re new folks :laughing:). I guess I personally don’t see the need to have a separate marketplace for private transfers, but I’m also not a broker so I don’t have that perspective.

I think they should separate and have an east coast and a west coast.

This really depends… I see clueless people commenting on deals that happened many many months ago.

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I’m not a broker and I made the comment so…

It was in response to Mani

Just moved Private Lease Transfers out of Marketplace. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Wayyyy betterrr!

Thank you for listening!