Sentra SV '22 Premium with All Weather Package

It’s impossible to have a conversation with anyone who refuses to read or learn anything and expects every answer to be spoonfed to them and then wants to debate every spoonfed answer.

Saying this for your own good. If you know this little about leasing you are probably going to get destroyed in the finance office.

Don’t be like the guy who was so embarrassed about what happened in there that he couldn’t even own it (“my wife signed everything while I was in the restroom!”).

There are the following choices for everyone starting off, including all the regulars here who started off in the same position at some point:

A. Educate yourself with all the helpful content here starting with all the articles in the Leasing 101 section (EDITORIAL | LEASEHACKR), and then have an educated discussion about how to make a decent deal better, if possible.

B. Refuse to spend 30-60 minutes on Choice A above and thus remain uneducated about leasing and get taken advantage of every 2-3 years for the rest of one’s life.

C. Use a broker and accept that you’ll pay broker fees every 18-36 months for the rest of your life.

D. Finance a Toyota and drive it until the wheels fall off.

TLDR I’m out.


At Signing did you pay them $2269.55 plus give them your keys to the old car and walked away with yor new car and a $299 pmt?

Yes. Please reply your thoughts if that’s what I did.

The 2269

Bank fee
Assoc costs

No other money paid

2269 + 2138 + 299 * 17 = $527 a month. Not sure if your monthly include tax, but not a good deal.

anybody know if OP actually signed the deal or not?

he appears to have done the same in 2020 :thinking:

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If not, then it’s worth evaluating, but the last bit was added after I shared my congratulations (no mention it wasn’t signed / still under evaluation).

Nothing is gained by playing MMQB, but OP could also submit it to SIGNED!

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Oh, dear.

I am unaware of a formula.

You can get the buy rate (lowest allowable) MF for free on Edmunds. Even if you don’t know what the buy rate MF is, an effective 9% interest rate is not good, period.

Are you willing to pay a lower monthly but a higher cost over the duration of the lease. If yes, then there is nothing here to learn.

If no, then you can read all of the articles here to learn the basics of leasing. But, basically, the cost of a lease is the selling price, the residual value, and the MF.

It is your money to use. And it adds to the cost of the lease b/c you just effectively increased the selling price of the car by not taking into account the equity of the car you’re returning.

Consider looking at the offers being posted by brokers here and consider contacting one of those brokers.

Part of the issue is there are two places to post things.
So, in full disclosure I tried to upload lease agreement that I signed on another part of site.
However, the upload for me, only took one page. I was given an electronic sign 4 or 5 page letter size leased.
It was explained to me that the “equity” was used to decrease the selling price. I guess thats the part I’m not sure of an is on 2nd page.
I still would like an evaluation, if thats purpose of site and I’m not wasting anyones time.
Please tell me how to upload the two pages.
As for "20 I did lease a Sentra with no trade in, just inceptions for 208 a month. I think car had 24K sticker, that too was bad?
How much killing goes on out there? So far as Equity, there are still number games going on but to sell myself with sales tax and I did contact other part of site but ran out of time with extension, how much are you selling car if brand new MSRP is 25K?
I really would like to know how to load 2nd page to be transparent and know for next time.
Thank you

realistically, your old sentra had minimal to no equity in it and you paid msrp for a new one. i’m fairly certain that’s what happened.

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Mr. Aronchi

How much were you leasing '22 Sentra SV Premium with inceptions upfront. In January '23 numbers?
or more to point, how much under invoice.
I ask but your post sets a tone that others might agree too quicly and I believe you’re Nissan able to answer.
Listen, this equity thing is a bit of a carrot on a stick, if you go around counting other peoples money theres no end. My buyout was 15,700 and car had 23 k miles. The dealer buys it and finds someone interested who Nissan Finance wont touch he sells for a mint and I shouldve signed a paper promising to give the car back at the end of term with the entire lease prepaid and inceptions covered but it, or I cant see it working that way.

i wasnt, mainly because altimas are cheaper to do than sentras right now.

I know. Altimas, Altimas and Altimas
Maybe even '23 Rogues soon. There seems to be big inventory on them but they went up in price.
Basically, the x-mas/New Year storm cleaned out a lot of inventory. It was a big help to them holding fast on prices.
Me: Sentra is for urban parking. The size.

If you own a Nissan right now, you should’ve gotten a mailer that offers $500 off any car. And a Possible $250 in Nissan Sales Dollars so $750 off any nissan.

I got neither.
I did get nmac 625.
But your post will be helpful to next person and appreciate the info.

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You can take photos of the pertinent part of the contract (redact your personal identifying info) and post here for comments.

Enjoy your new Sentra drive it like you stole it

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Anthony that is one dry delivery. Big fan. Tremendous mindf ck.
What does Anthony mean- i did well or i didnt but im so oblivious i should be driving it that way.
Thanks for reply.
Im going to try and post lease with directions given.
Probably not tonight though.