Selling Leased 2017 F-Type R, Norcal Broker Suggestions/Advice

Thanks to the community for always giving great advice - was able to get a great lease on this 110k MSRP monster back in 2017! I don’t drive it much nowadays (<10k miles on the car) and want to sell it.

Any suggestions on brokers that will deal with high end luxury cars in the Bay Area (prefer peninsula/south bay)? Shift not really an option as they didn’t want to bother with a car this rare.

Tried yelp and found Topline Auto and Select Motors in San Mateo.

You’re likely buried in the car. If you are US Bank you’d be better off transferring the lease.

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What makes it rare?

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Local JLR dealers will likely throw out a buy-bid

What is your payoff amount vs the market value of the car?

I’ll that says he’s more than 10k flipped if it’s a USB lease from 16/17

No doubt. Was trying to lease a horse to water.


It’s rare though

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He knows what he has.


@ethanrs @Bostoncarconcierge @mllcb42

Thanks for the replies.

Some more details - I use jaguar financial that uses chase as its bank. My lease is sub $900 and I’m not deep in the hole

Online trade in estimates are from 52-58k. My payoff is ~58k. 55k at the end of lease.

Looks like the strat is to ask all dealers until I get the best deal to sell?

Trade in books? Or Vroom and Carvana?

KBB had that range. Vroom offered 55k (they mentioned they can negotiate for 2k more max). Carvana yet to have heard back

KBB range is useless.

It sounds to me like the car is worth less than the payoff.