Sell to VROOM on a car with MSD

Hey Guys,
I have two tacos that their lease are about to end (in about three months).
Both were leased through TFS using MSD (about $2k for each car).

It’s my understanding, that if I sell to VROOM or CARVANA directly, I would lose my security deposit (it will go to them instead of me). Therefore I need to buy the cars first. Is this an easy process? Do I need to be careful with anything in particular?
I checked one the two cars (the one with lower miles) and there’s about $6k in profit if I sell to VROOM ( I haven’t checked the second car yet).

Why would MSD go to a third party buyer of the car? Makes no sense.

The bank either returns the MSD to the lessee or deducts them from the payoff; either way your net net proceeds from the sale are the same.


That’s what I read in the forum a while back.

I would love if anyone could confirm. I called VROOM and they don’t even know what MSD is (I’m waiting on the phone, while they check with contracting).

BTW, I just checked the second taco and there’s about $2k profit on that one.

I believe you’re confusing selling the lease and transferring the lease. When you transfer the lease, the msds go to whomever took over, at the end of the lease.

When you sell it, the msds are either included in your payoff amount or paid back to you when the lease is closed out.

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Thanks, that makes more sense!!

Newb question. What the hell is a “taco”?



A ToYo :taco:ma


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