Select Tesla Superchargers in the US are now open to other EVs

Select Superchargers in the US are now open to other EVs →

Majority of them in NY but not enough to get to NYC lol. Hopefully expands quick. I will charge the Lightning at the one near me tomorrow. Pricing seems similar to EA with way more expensive membership.

Wonder if Tesla will do any contracts with legacy manufacturers to offer 30m free charging sessions.

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Lol they are getting billions from Biden. Shits wild.

At least it is a good start, we probably will see more chargers being opened to non tesla vehicle in future.

Before that, I am waiting to see if you can offer some EQS loaner for texas region soon. :rofl:

No. They’re getting them from you and I just like everyone else with their hands out.

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Seems useless right now. Theres all of 2 open superchargers in CA, none in AZ.


It will ramp up quick.

That’s what everyone said about super chargers and EVs in general in 2010.

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